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  1. We're not arriving until Friday !! I'm on maternity leave at the moment so am being distracted by my tiny 10 month old...but keep thinking about the weekend ahead roughly 27 times a minute Hoping we will have a clear run into the festival Friday morning via the yellow route, anyone had any experience of arriving Friday in the past?
  2. Not setting off until Friday morning as we have a 10 month old and this will be our first weekend away from him ! Set to leave at 7am and hope to be there for around midday, ready to have some baby free fun hoping that Friday traffic will be minimal?!
  3. A friend of mine got in using someone else's ticket last year, they looked kind of similar to one another but my friend arrived to the gate in full fancy dress, face paint and glitter in his beard... worked a treat and nobody batted an eyelid !
  4. you could always give the festival office a call and see if someone there can advise - 01458 834596
  5. oh my word !!! That's insane. Glad to hear they have added in drainage to avoid that ever happening again Thanks for everyones help on my original question...we've since decided to camp elsewhere as not so keen on being right bang in the middle of the festival!
  6. Hiya, we did a similar thing a few years ago as we also needed the car and had coach tickets too....bit of a faff but was worth it to have the car at the end of the festival and you should be absolutely fine getting into Worthy car park using the pass on your window but as others have said, your friend may struggle to get super close. You only need to show your actual festival tickets at the gates into the campsite. I have always found the marshals super helpful and am sure they will direct your friend to the closest accessible place to wait for you. Ditcheat would be about an hour walk from the WV car park but I am sure there must be somewhere closer!
  7. Thank you! If anyone else has any tips or has stayed in that spot before it would be much appreciated....
  8. Ok fab thanks, just looking at the attached you think its the spot that says 'pennard hill staff campsite'?? Thanks for your help
  9. Oh and I have just been told that it's a bell tent...not a tipi, not sure if this makes any difference to the location?!
  10. Thanks so much both for your you mean near where 'Camplight' tents are showing on the map?
  11. Hello, Does anyone have experience of camping within the Field of Avalon area? We have hospitality tickets through a friend who is performing on the Avalon stage and he has been offered a tipi spot (at a cost) somewhere close by the stage and we are trying to work out where exactly this would be and whether it would be a good spot to be based, or if we are better camping in the hospitality fields. We've only ever camped at Worthy View in previous years and are not familiar with the Avalon camping area so any info / past experiences would be much appreciated! Thanks so much in advance