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  1. Yup, between the horrendous traffic last year and the warnings of increased security this year I think it was inevitable.
  2. This. You sir are winning at life! If i see you there I owe you a can!
  3. No upvotes left, but this is AMAZING!
  4. Though having said that, we've just got to the 1990 riots haha
  5. Yup, just watching the Julien Temple film and where Eavis is talking about not allowing police on to the festival site is so far removed to now. This year in particular.
  6. Aye, I've just brought ours up from the cellar :).
  7. Really wish I had an upvote for you
  8. I concur. We had boots last year for the first time and they were a *game-changer*!
  9. *Corbyn
  10. To be fair, it's a fairly weirdly phrased interview question! No wonder he gave a seemingly odd answer!
  11. Cheers
  12. Done. Some people shouldn't be allowed in public: not even virtual public!
  13. When is it?
  14. Go in the "secret" Rabbit Hole and actually remember it, NYC Downlow (if I'm feeling brave enough), More drinks in places like Bimble Inn, Strummerville.
  15. These are the ones we've bought for this year: