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  1. OMG...Brilliant drunken purchase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mash up Wil Smith / Ainsly Hariott (?) with a bit of innuendo rubbed in (pun)....Were you inebriated for this purchase?
  2. Encouraged successful drunken purchase down the pub!!! Does convenience come into ones radar with drunken purchases?
  3. Amazing colour....of the beer!!! and your mac is amazing?
  4. Sequin Sunday sounds fab Leopard print lips leggings sound amazing!!!!!!! even in my sober state.....My gold top has satisfied my drunken shopping for this Glastonbury....and everyone has the 'shamed drunken purchase' that they secretly love?? Have a fab Glastonbury
  5. even better - forgotten drunken sparkly purchases!! It's such a relief that it is not only me who partakes in this activity....I'm even thinking of getting my pussy leggings out of the package!!!!!!!!!! x x have a fab Glastonbury and enjoy your drunk purchase
  6. Was it purchased drunken? And if so, which beverage was consumed for purchase?
  7. Sort of snap! mine are still in packaging and are cartoon smiley kittens (???)
  8. Looks like there may be another pussy legging purchaser!! :-) :-)
  9. Still, they can always go down the charity shop, someone will buy them for their person's trash is another one's treasure....(see the above post)
  10. Haven't even the courage to take them out of the package...a sort of packaging of shame...
  11. lol....I haven't yet divulged I also bought a pair of leggings on with pussy cats printed on them...god help me, I haven't even confessed to the I AM embarrassed with my drunken shopping......
  12. This thread should be a Glasto camp fire conversation....bloody good answers...thank you to all...I've been laughing for the past 2 hours.
  13. This is hilarious!!! I am seriously laughing here...
  14. Sequin Saturday? I'm going to the pub later this moment in time I do not intend to do anymore shopping....looking is allowed? I'll be window shopping about 11.30 Now I trust my drunk shopping....I'm going to shop for glasto food!!!
  15. TEE HEE!!!! this post should have been called 'shopping I NEARLY bought whilst pissed'!!