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  1. Football 17/18

  2. Football 17/18

    As always when I see a list of England players, my first thought is....fuck me aren’t we ordinary.
  3. Six Nations

    Ah yes I’d not taken into account the bonus point Wales will get against Italy.
  4. Six Nations

    I would say it’s a game England would win more than once in six games - so therefore the bet is good value. That being said, it’s not a bet I would be making.
  5. Football 17/18

    You can’t be that naive to believe that these things happen without a spark. WWI wasn’t about Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Today’s protests against the board weren’t the result of Burnley going one nil up.
  6. Football 17/18

    Absolutely - but it can’t work because of the newbies.
  7. Football 17/18

    I don’t know the ins and outs of WBA so I don’t feel best placed to comment on what they are or aren’t doing. Likewise I can’t speak for for any WHU fams other than myself. I’m angry at Sullivan and Gold for ruining the football club for the sole benefit of their bank account. No more no less. It’s got sweet FA to do with the score at today’s game.
  8. Football 17/18

    A couple of wallys coming on the pitch to protest? Yeah it’s not right. But there’s 57,000 there, I’m proud of the vast majority that didn’t go on the pitch, and protested in the stands and vented their anger that way. Vented their anger in the only possible way after the board shut down the peaceful march that was planned for this morning and stopped the vast majority of banners getting through onto the island and into the stands.
  9. Football 17/18

    I don’t concur
  10. Football 17/18

    I’ll go in the middle and say 37 will keep you safe.
  11. General News Discussion

    Found Parky’s comments refreshingly honest.
  12. Football 17/18

    Na he’s right. It is the biggest game of the season. In Ireland.
  13. Things that ur happy about

    Great to hear fc
  14. Football 17/18

    Suspect that’s the first time Swallow’s been called Andrew for decades!
  15. Football 17/18

    They won’t I don’t think - of all the teams down there they have the kindest fixture list remaining

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