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  1. Tramlines 2018

    It has too much landfill indie for me. No one stands out as someone I would definitely pay to go and see, except for The Big Moon and I've seen them a few times already.
  2. Green Man Festival 2018

    Still crossing my fingers for Car Seat Headrest, Let's Eat Grandma, Astroid Boys and maybe Courtney Barnett (but I think she would have headlined).
  3. Primavera 2018

    Thanks - will keep an eye out. Not a massive Belle & Sebastian fan, but both times I have seen them at a festival they have been a highlight.
  4. Primavera 2018

    Can someone explain how tickets for Spiritualized will work again please?
  5. Primavera 2018

    Is there going to be a second line-up announcement? Cannot remember if there was one last year? Is it greedy to want even more great bands to play?
  6. Green Man Festival 2018

    Courtney Barnet, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Chvrches, Bjork, the xx, etc. all feature women prominently and all are touring this summer so were possible headliners. I do find these days that most of the new music I listen to is femaie fronted. This year it has mainly been Soccer Mommy, Anna Burch, Lucy Dacus, Hinds, Snail Mail, Alvvays, Let's Eat Grandma, Lorde, etc.
  7. Green Man Festival 2018

    Yes agree - the headliners could be more inspirational; but I'm sure there will be something good on the other stages.
  8. Green Man Festival 2018

    Also, are Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and Chastity Belt new additions?
  9. Green Man Festival 2018

    This is better for me than the original announcement. Never seen Lucy Dacus or Kelly Lee Owens and Cate le Bon, Amber Arcades, Sweet Baboo, Buzzard and Ferne Lily are all great live.
  10. Tramlines 2018

    A publication called Halfway 2 Nowhere said the line up was going to blow everyone's skulls. So hopefully.
  11. Tramlines 2018

    @JBarbour have you just edited all your old posts?
  12. Green Man Festival 2018

    1. More to announce - plus Friday night (?) headliner. About 100 acts in total - across 4 stages, with a couple of smaller tents. 2. I think last year they sold out about 6 weeks in advance. They usually give notice when the last few hundred are available. 3. There are cut offs - but no one checks what you are taking in. You can drink from cans quite openly - but try to avoid the bar areas. 5. Yes - after the main stage finishes there are bands and DJs playing in the Tents. Usually get to bed between 0400 - 0500. The site remains open 24 hrs and there seem to usually be a big crowd around. At EotR it seems most people leave the site by around 0230.
  13. Tramlines 2018

    Isn't an overlap with Blue Dot likely? Chemical Brothers Public Service Broadcasting Nadine Shah etc.? https://www.discoverthebluedot.com/
  14. Tramlines 2018

    Thanks guys! She lives in Hillsbrough so thought she might have some inside information - but turns out she just has Twitter!
  15. Tramlines 2018

    When are tickets going on sale? My sister seems to think they are going on at 1600 - but unsure why she thinks this.

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