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  1. New for 2019

    Yes. She can read this post.
  2. New for 2019

    My other half could be replaced with un updated version if she doesn't cheer up and embrace Christmas. Not quite a "new act" but as nobody else has replied thought it a reasonable starting point.
  3. Masked djs

    presumed they are just to ugly without.
  4. Glastonbury Festival International Airport

    Don't see why the "Stars" can't arrive by luxury yacht. Greenpeace have been bringing a ship for years.

    So happy to share in these magical moments, so bloody impatient to be back on the farm. Shall watch more of these in the garden, headphones on to mute the traffic noise, eyes closed so as to not spot neighbours watching me busting some moves and wellies on for authenticity. Fuck it, i'm putting the tent up.

    I've tried so hard to pick one moment. I can't do it. It's muddling my mind at an alarming rate, I shall leave it for the universe to decide.
  7. So who is REALLY likely to headline/play in 2018?

    On the plus side there'll be a lot more grass in 2018, or maybe not!!!!
  8. So who is REALLY likely to headline/play in 2018?

    Wow, I suppose if you abuse enough substances anything can become reality. I'm going to Shindig and Boomtown in 2018. If I do go to Glastonbury in 2018 (which is highly possible) it will be a little light shopping, maybe lunch in a cafe and possibly a walk up the Tor. Hopefully some of these predictions come true and I get to have a chin wag with some musical legends whilst eating a lentil sandwich.
  9. Tom Petty

    Another legend gone. I shall cheer myself up with a few Travelling Wilbury's classics, saying that they are all classics. Think I have to start with The Wilbury Twist, guaranteed to raise a smile. R.I.P. Tom.
  10. 30k more tickets for Glastonbury in future?

    Is there a suggestion that you can't believe all that you read, I was still clinging to the hope that Elvis was alive and well on Mars , that the Earth is flat, that Lord Lucan was a good swimmer and that Simon Cowell is a TW@T. Surely one of these facts must be true!
  11. 30k more tickets for Glastonbury in future?

    Oh shit, I thought I was reliably informed that "size doesn't matter".
  12. Kingsman Scene at Glastonbury

    " Wow man, what's with shooting people in the face? Exploding heads are giving out bad karma man. Sit down and have a draw on my reefer if you want some really heavy shit. Peace and love man, peace and loooove." I shall apply for script writer for the 3rd instalment and get a part for my mate who could play this role without effort, just copius amounts of green so he can bring down these criminals in his own passive way.
  13. Which festivals will sell out quicker next year?

    For those that are interested I'd like to inform you that SHINDIG is selling fast. Yep, I've got mine. X
  14. Which festivals will sell out quicker next year?

    SSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH. I understand that it's good to share but please wait at least 24 hours after the tickets have gone on sale. Thus securing your own. Its all fair in love and war , and ticket sales.