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  1. Has anyone been to Glastonbury before?

    What the feck is Glastonbury? Who are you people and what's all this chatter in aid of? I'm going back to bed. X
  2. Survey completed and I'm guessing you know my answers
  3. See above. Yoghurt got it right. The best method is to bring what you can carry and I'm hoping people soon learn to take home all that they bring. I'm actually against the camping gear sold on site (apart from weather related emergency kit) as the people too lazy to bring their own tent, inflated bed may be the same ones who are to lazy to take it home?
  4. Future "Legends"

    Rolling Stones with Cliff Richard as special guest, they've survived this long so no surprise if they continue to dodge the "Reaper"
  5. Best ticket buying experience AXS

    Glastonbury ticket sale without stress...= without 'end of the world' sadness, without huge clumps of hair falling/pulled out, without wanting to smash all things interwebby. Without sublime happiness, without camaraderie, without the most euphoric smug faced look known throughout history. I LOVE IT LIKE IT IS (especially when tickets secured )
  6. Fun Memories

    Not remembering is usually my finest moments
  7. 2018 - What it might have looked like

    Wristbands so last year, I fully expect up graded cow bells. Battery operated of course so as to help with the biodegradable nature of Chris Martins gifts to the planet/Glastonbury fields.
  8. 2018 - What it might have looked like

    Heard a rumour Chris Martin is turning up regardless of the small fact that the festival isn't happening.
  9. How to check a wedding photographer’s portfolio?

    If you're considering marrying at Glastonbury I may, ever so slightly, be interested enough to offer some advice. If the photos look amazing then they're an amazing photographer. If the photos look good then they're a good photographer. If the photos look okayish then they're an okayish photographer. If the photos look bad then they're bad photographer. If the photos are of naked people I'd guess you are looking at the wrong site. Hope this was helpful and thanks for taking my mind off of my man flu.
  10. New for 2019

    Yes. She can read this post.
  11. New for 2019

    My other half could be replaced with un updated version if she doesn't cheer up and embrace Christmas. Not quite a "new act" but as nobody else has replied thought it a reasonable starting point.
  12. Masked djs

    presumed they are just to ugly without.
  13. Glastonbury Festival International Airport

    Don't see why the "Stars" can't arrive by luxury yacht. Greenpeace have been bringing a ship for years.

    So happy to share in these magical moments, so bloody impatient to be back on the farm. Shall watch more of these in the garden, headphones on to mute the traffic noise, eyes closed so as to not spot neighbours watching me busting some moves and wellies on for authenticity. Fuck it, i'm putting the tent up.

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