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  1. I bumped into @crazyfool1 and one guy who recognised my hat trying to get into the stupidly busy williams green
  2. I'm just making use of the facilities and just thought I'd say what a great atmosphere this festival is so far. I have my trainers on, the sun has been shining and beer has been flowing. Feels like the start of a classic year.
  3. So his secret sets are still a mystery
  4. Did anyone get to DJ kaylord last night?
  5. I love my tent. Think it's the only thing that kept me alive yesterday. My friends were struggling with their tents, mine was up in a flash and I was hiding from the relentless sun moments after arriving on camp. I can hear lots of movement outside now but its still so dark and cool in here. I'm not moving till I have to
  6. Agree. Had to put my jacket on today to go to the shop.
  7. Got to be bollocks. It looks like there's a lot of tents in the background on the right hand side and surely if you had just sneaked in the last thing you're going to do is set yourself up around the stone circle. You'll be finding somewhere to lay low while security do their final sweeps.
  8. There's a bit of a difference between penknives/multi-tools than the 12" blades the recent London attackers used. We're not hacking through jungles so no need for a machete however if the security teams have been told to look for blades and they find them it will be down to their discretion what they do with them.
  9. Just carried all my stuff downstairs and decided a repack is needed. Time to leave some stuff I don't need!
  10. Literally cracking t'flags! Need to rename this thread to: "State a t'ground"
  11. Longest 25 minutes ever to go!
  12. Difference in this year and last is that the site resembles death valley and not an Irish peat bog.
  13. Wa that supposed t'be Yorkshire tha wa speaking?
  14. They must have heard about the A37 melting yesterday and stepped in to save the day