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  1. Benicassim (FIB) 2018

    CaTB should definitely be considered since they’re playing Lolla Paris over the same weekend. They did play Beni in 16’ mind. Last years third headliner/announcement was 25th Jan, so here’s hoping that next week we get some news.
  2. Benicassim (FIB) 2018

    I’m sure Two Door will play. The Kooks must also be worth a few quid as they’re playing Nos the week before. As for other bands under the radar - Libertines? Cribs? DMA’s?
  3. Benicassim (FIB) 2018

    Just a tad envious of that MadCool line up. At least we've got the beach...
  4. So, who do you really want for 2018?

    Recent tweets from both Bestival and Rob da bank suggest we'll get line up news this month!
  5. Benicassim (FIB) 2018

    Yep - I was look into it a few weeks back! Continual service into Beni from 18:30-21:30, then return shuttle from 2:30-6:00.
  6. Benicassim (FIB) 2018

    Big news (a single/tour dates) must be imminent! I remain pessimistic of them playing Beni, so it'll be some surprise if proven wrong.
  7. TRUCK 2018

    A few names that spring to mind headliner wise are; The Coral, Stereophonics, Bastille. As for lower down the bill; Reverend &The Makers, Peace, The Sherlocks, Glass Animals, Magic Gang. I'd recommend Truck and plan to go again... but not this year sadly as it falls the same weekend as Benicassim.
  8. Benicassim (FIB) 2018

    Staying in Oropesa is becoming more likely for me this year. Can anyone who's done the same before advise on the shuttle bus that runs to and from the festival site. Is it reliable? Does it operate all night? What's the cost?
  9. Lineup 2018

    No doubt MGMT could sub-headline the NME. Overdue in all so it seems.
  10. Lineup 2018

    Having played R&L every other year since 2012; Courteeners can be expected. For the NME, I'd love to see Miles Kane and MGMT - both will albums due next year!
  11. Lineup 2018

    With the 1st announcement not until early 2018, does anyone reckon think this may be due to the recent QOTSA incident?
  12. Benicassim (FIB) 2018

    For the last 2yrs, the 2nd headliner has been announced around this time in December. Having said that, The Killers were only announced last week which is late in comparison to previous years where the 1st headline announcement has been back in November. Here's hoping...
  13. Benicassim (FIB) 2018

    Lets cut the PR team some slack, I'm sure they're being clever and the sun relates to "Mr Brightside". Otherwise, I hope it has nout to do with Mumford and Sons.
  14. Lineup 2018

    Royal Blood are only getting bigger, but they aren't ready to headline a fest the size of R&L just yet. I fully expect the Foo's to headline one of the nights; with Royal Blood or Catfish subbing.
  15. Benicassim (FIB) 2018

    Killers look a certainty! I'm also expecting both TDCC and Franz Ferdinand. Further down the bill, The Manics? - it's been a few years I notice.