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  1. Secret resales

    Sooooo , 8 months until tickets go on sale , and I’m all ready excited , is this a bad thing ?
  2. Secret resales

    all quiet on the western front ......... and a year before ticket sales again
  3. Secret resales

    oh mi days .. just got some pings from the see tickets page at glastonbury .. is the resale happening ???? lol
  4. Secret resales

    you dont know about Nam . you wernt there .. lol
  5. Secret resales

    Had some pings , does that mean the resale is on ? Lol
  6. Secret resales

    seams strange not checking in on here after so long ... and no nobb jokes :-( lol
  7. Secret resales

    love it ... have a well earned upvote :-)
  8. Secret resales

    If you fart in space , does it still smell ?
  9. Secret resales

    we have to keep it going , if for nothing else than the nobb jokes ... lol im off to naples , sorento and venice in two weeks with my glasto money to celibrate a milestone birthday .. the BIG half way :-(... still would have rather spent the money at glasto though
  10. Secret resales

    yup .. but can we get it to 1500 by 2019 ??
  11. Secret resales

    by the sounds of it , im suprised you can remember lol
  12. Secret resales

    That said .. i will still be logging in here even WHEN i get tickets , as i have had such a laugh on here , plenty of Nobb jokes ect. all you guys on here have been awesome :-)
  13. Secret resales

    same here , makeing so many plans , contacts well ahead of the game rather than after the resale when everyone is chasing the ilusive tickets
  14. Secret resales

    defo involves LARGE amounts of the golden nectar lol
  15. Secret resales

    or bristol downs festival ...... have an upvote :-)