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  1. So let me see if I got this straight, there is no secret resale ? Does thus mean I can stop checking the see tickets site now ?
  2. Well . I've booked the whole of the end of June 2019 off . I will be there next time . No ifs . No buts. It's happening!
  3. Would be rude not to keep thus thread going till 2019 lol
  4. I really do feel your pain
  5. Me two
  6. Think today might finally be the day for the secret resale !
  7. I think I have done something very childish and wet myself laughing so hard lol
  8. Have an up vote on me
  9. Ah SAS style , ropes , grappling hooks or 20 well trained badgers to dig a man size tunnel as previously discussed on here lol
  10. Twixing?
  11. Radio head on the TVs , thatchers , suround sound cranked up . Still would give my right arm the feel the pilton grass between my toes
  12. .?
  13. No , someone on the inside working for security who promised the earth and has let me down epically
  14. Same as normal passes hope and pray lol
  15. really ? enough for a 4 man tent ??? .. do i dare to dream ?