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  1. Ticket for sale

    Hello, Bit last minute but circumstances have changed so have one ticket for sale from Brighton- 150 quid. Costs full price on site. PM if interested.
  2. Chic! What a party

    Having ran out of luck this year of getting a ticket, chic were one of the bands I was gutted about not seeing. They are cracking live and all about the party!
  3. Secret resales

    I was avidly monitoring for the secret resale, then accepted it wasn't going to happen and tried to plan for other festivals. Then I saw the timings and stages for the bands and just signed up for the competition! Gotta be in it to win it.
  4. Secret resales

    I have hope there will be a small amount sold but whether feasibly I can put my life on hold until that time who knows. I have a training day monday and think I will have to jack it in after then. I am seeing my 2 mates who want to get glasto tickets tonight, I'm worried they may take away all the hope! We scheduled in meeting tonight to either discuss glasto or other plans thinking the resale would of happened by now. Also at this point is it hope or I feel I deserve some tickets after all this? Who knows.
  5. Secret resales

    I am that friend....maybe I should go work for SEE?
  6. Secret resales

    As a back up some friends are suggesting festival number 6...anyone been? Not that I have given up but have a very risky car drive now!
  7. Secret resales

    I am hot desking in new office today. Internet ok but phone reception poor for Neil's checker. Hoping for tomo!
  8. Secret resales

    And its 5pm! Bowing out. Ta for the chat and be back on monday!
  9. Secret resales

    Cheers- my info was wrong! Shall try and clear the diary accordingly.
  10. Secret resales

    In my understanding the past 5 years have been at most 9 days after cancellation day which means if it goes into next week it will be the longest....so I'm hoping it will come through today as weekend sales seem to be written off on here?
  11. Secret resales

    Welcome to the mad house!
  12. Secret resales

    Have you left the thread at all??
  13. Secret resales

    I know I have spent too much time on here when I remember the milkman coming on Wednesday as well
  14. Secret resales

    I think they owe you a ticket
  15. Secret resales

    Only complete anxiety made them do that. I think most people here have lost some sanity- whether that be they are completely hyper and can't listen to any negativity or in a pit of despair. If you are the person who wrote down date and times I saw then ta very much as I wrote it down!