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  1. Beat

  2. Best acts you have seen at the festival

    Stevie Wonder Blur XX (JP) Bumblebee Slim
  3. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Pablo Honey
  4. Must sees that you didn't even know existed a week ago

    Katy Perry!
  5. new here? introduce yourself

    You a growler girl Sally?
  6. new here? introduce yourself

    How much practice is necessary in the safe haven of the new here thread before venturing out onto the main board?
  7. new here? introduce yourself

    I love that one they play that goes chukka chukka chukka boom
  8. new here? introduce yourself

    First of all there's nothing wrong with a good meal of potatoes and cheese. Secondly, Tartiflette is so much more than just potatoes and cheese. I don't know what they put in that shit but its like eating gods own flesh it's that good. Get a sausage on top and you might as well go straight home cos your glasto experience aint gonna get better than that. I like your guinea pig. I think we could be friends. Do you enjoy the futility of searching for world famous French house robots in obscure locations in the misguided hope that they'll still party like it's 2007?
  9. new here? introduce yourself

    Hello My favourite things about glastonbury are tartiflette and daft punk rumours. I'm already regretting my choice of name. Nice to meet you all ☺

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