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  1. 2019 Headliners

    I've not seen them live yet so yeah haha
  2. 2019 Headliners

    Eavis had wanted Fleetwood Mac for years but says he can't afford them.... hope that changes. Arctics have new album out 2018 so may not be touring 2019? I have them down to headline isle of Wight 2018. Elton would be an amazing Sunday legend slot! Would love any from the following: Foals, kings of Leon, chilli peppers, Roger waters, Dave Gilmour (or both), arcade fire, mumford and sons, Noel Gallagher (or oasis reuninion), Paul Simon, pearl jam, prodigy, stones, the who.... Fuck it book them all!!
  3. Wilderness Festival 2018

    Haha I seen this yesterday.... it has actually put me off going. If that c**t is the type that goes there I'm not haha
  4. So who is going? Lookin for an alternative to Glasto for 2018 and secret garden party is dead so this looks like an option.... Is it really that middle class? And do they really stop you taking spirits and more than 12 cans into the campsite??? Or is just a deterrent to stop people taking the piss? Tickets are on sale already btw.
  5. Tonight's Park TBA

    It best had be elbow because I'm going to miss future islands
  6. Worthy View arrivals

    Keep us posted please. On route now from Liverpool. About 3.5 hours away atm
  7. Weather 2017

    Well.... accuweather say 40% chance thunder storm wed afternoon.... then dry apart from possible showers sat. Wunderground say.... rain Thursday early hours... shower Saturday then monsoon Monday. Met office says no rain whatsoever... Fuck me do they all just completely make this shit up?? Haha
  8. TBAs

    Suppose there are few factors to consider... 1. When a festival makes the claim of exclusive they may well be exclusive at that time but could change 2. The exclusivity could be part of the contract/fee and thus is binding that it is exclusive 3. It remains exclusive if any other set they play is not advertised or the such. I still feel arcade fire won't be playing though. Probably elbow. Either way I'm happy ha
  9. TBAs

    Possibly. Possibly not if it's stipulated in a contract. Let's be honest it's not going to be arcade fire... from what I can make out the rumour has started because they don't have a gig that weekend... Or is there other info?
  10. TBAs

    Arcade fire where listed as UK exclusive for isle of white.... kind of makes then less likely to be on surely? Elbow and killers/gorillas most likely
  11. TBAs

    Sounds like he has no idea and is a bit pissed he doesn't know if there is actually a secret haha Or maybe it's a smaller performance and they don't need him haha
  12. On site observations

    The extra searches are understandable but it really will have to be selective. Logistically impossible to check everything .
  13. Festival Bags

    Mostly a female problem this?? I use my pockets for phone and money they are secure and I could feel anyone trying to dip.... I hope haha jeans type pockets are the best or zip pockets. Never use your back pockets that's asking for trouble.... like them silly teenage girls you see now with massive phones hanging out their ass pocket
  14. TBAs

    There is defo some conspiracy going on for sure. I was ok with it til people started making up the arcade fire rumour.... That's got me too excited. The rumours need to be managed haha
  15. Weather 2017

    Ye ha I just seen then that. 30 degree scorcher tomorrow then thunderstorm over night.... i think sbes just covering all the bases.