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  1. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    That would be good!
  2. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    WHAT???? that is very strange!! And going to be a nightmare getting into the tent after the Killers...
  3. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    I follow James on twitter as he is a mad liverpool supporter like myself I was under the impression that he had a residency at IOW.... think he has played every year for the past god knows how many years
  4. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Is this a smaller tent? or a little stage somewhere?
  5. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Yeah I agree with that.... but the others are of a similar level so be surprised if they arent sub to Kasabian. I hope the headline the tent personally because then I can get to see Chase & Status and Kasabian
  6. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    I think its more likely Chase & Status will headline the tent. So that leaves the Script on before Kasabian or them... With festivals there is no supporting really just someone on before someone else . They tend to usually try and have different genres on different stages at the same time.
  7. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    yeah to start with when I seen the headliners I was disapppointed... expecting a massive act for the 50th like U2 or Stones or The Who or someone. But then when you see all the other festivals this year you realise IOW has the best UK headliners by a mile. The acts lower down arent too bad so overall I am quite happy. Wombats and Travis were great little additions.
  8. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Maybe just one more act to throw in? I think the Bigtop on the Thursday is only open for a few hours in the evening
  9. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Never know.... where would they slip it in though?
  10. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Haha yeah tend to agree.... There does not seem to be any good dance/d&b acts like Rudimental or Sigma... something to bounce away too. It is very much all pop or rock. I prefer rock/indie but I like a mix of dance too. Currently I can only see Chase & Status who are great but they will clash with Kasabian
  11. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Haha I called the Wombats for the thursday Im happy with that their new album is decent. Travis are always good too
  12. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Yes should be quite a few more... probably not "big name" acts/bands but a lot more. This they have only announced around 30 acts so far and there is usually 50+ so take from that what you will I'm hoping there is more going on than just the music... its the little random things you encounter that make the best parts of the weekend.
  13. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    They start their US tour on the 23rd June... so they in theory have time to squeeze the Thursday in on 21st before they go
  14. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    I would like The Wombats... new album is very good. Could be anyone though really.
  15. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Yeah I get what your saying. What I love about festivals though is the unexpected. Wondering around and coming across some crazy and fun things... and sometimes some brilliant music. I dont think I could go a year without doing at least one festival

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