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  1. It's just what I was told at the time. However, I do truly believe the one from my friend. His dad told me he had to have counselling to help him through the trauma.
  2. What happened in 1990? I don't know the festival history- Certainly not from before my lifetime
  3. Wish I'd never read this thread, because it's so depressing. Ignorance is bliss! But now I'm here, I may as well input- The incidents don't necessarily become public. I went to Reading in 2012, which was the first time I'd even been away from home without my parents, let alone first festival alone. On the first night,I was chatting to a couple of security guards, just asking how their shift was going. They told me they wish they weren't there, as it was awful. They said 2 people had already died, and TWELVE people had been raped. The festival had been open for only about 6 hours! On the subject of Glastonbury, I have a few friends that work for a security company, who get put in at Glasto. Last year, one of them found 3 dead bodies, one of which was a suicide. He also had to deal with a fight, where someone pulled a knife on him. Very sad, unfortunately.
  4. Nope
  5. I am that sort of person. Always good to have one with a logo of a band or something that you like, too.
  6. You think so? I don't hear it personally. I reckon festivals are going to be mental if the setlist goes Ill Ray > bumblebeee > Underdog > Comeback Kid > Shoot The Runner > eez-eh
  7. Ill Ray (The King) is a banger
  8. AC/DC is the one that jumps out to me. I was reading something the other day about Brian working with a company developing hearing aids for on stage, so he could safely perform again. Would be an epic one to have one day
  9. I take what I can get tbh
  10. I think you mean Eddie the Ginger Sex Icon.
  11. Which artists on the lineup have songs where you know people will look at them and go "They better play that!" but you just know that they most likely won't. Such as Radiohead playing Creep. The one for me, is Shaggy. If he doesn't bring Sacha Baron Cohen on as Ali G to play Me Julie, I will be thoroughly heartbroken.
  12. I was waiting for payday today, and now I can finally say... I am going to Glastonbury 2017!
  13. A friend of mine has got a press copy of the album, and he said "This is Kasabian at their best" and that the album, 3 tracks in, is better than the last two albums put together. I personally can't wait.
  14. Good point. I only went off the OP, and hadn't read other bits of the thread. I'm gonna be a bit pissed if he is put up against Foos, as they are the only confirmed headliner I wanna watch. Would be a bit of a kick in the teeth to have them clash!
  15. I reckon Sunday is best bet. You'd have to think that Stormzy is gonna make an appearance with Ed the ginger sex icon, so I'd assume that the grime day may correspond with that.