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  1. I had never heard of KLF before this. I think I'll pass.
  2. I reckon it is The Pope. Just because.
  3. Please don't burst my bubble.
  4. Never really been mad on cinemas at festivals (though I think I watched Borat or something post-music on the Saturday night at Reading in 2012), but seeing GotG2, Rogue One and Alien Covenant on non-music days has got me excited! Also, Doctor Strange on the Friday would be good, provided it doesn't mean I miss out on something else. I did a little bit of work for that film, and still haven't seen it. Couldn't really pick a cooler place to watch it. I also find the "Advance screening TBC" interesting. Would it be too much to hope for the new Spiderman film, which comes out a week later?
  5. All I know is that I'm probably gonna go to the cinema to watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2.
  6. You know this is going to be something pointless with all this hype on here. It'll be something like "We are pleased to announce that The Charlatans will open The Other Stage on Friday"
  7. I would often be considered a Kasabian "superfan" Seen them 30+ times, own everything, including rare stuff and paid £50+ for the bundle for this album. However, I think FCOL os an absolutely dreadful album, and I doubt I'll ever listen to it again.
  8. I really loved Stronger/Power/Niggas In Paris by Kanye. Great way to open a set.
  9. I have no idea what it was, or if it was even a secret area, but in 2015, I was right up at the top of The Park, sat up against the fence, and I really needed to pee and couldn't be bothered to walk all the way back down. So, there is a little tree area, that is fenced off. I thought I would slip between the wall and the fence, and go pee in my empty bottle. When I got behind there, there were some flags hanging between the trees, with Hebrew or Arabic writing or something on them. It really baffled me as to what it was. It was strange, because as I was leaving, I bumped into a couple of girls, and they said they were looking for the Rabbit Hole, and they thought it might be there. I didn't think it was though. I couldn't see them putting a fence around a venue! I did take a couple of pictures in there, but I just can't find them now
  10. It's strange, because I don't really have one. I've only been twice, and then I only saw two or three bands that I hadn't planned on, so I haven't got much to count. I guess, in hindsight, seeing Dolly Parton was cool, and my nan has always loved her. It is the only time she has ever watched Glastonbury, and she saw me on TV and called my mum right away! haha
  11. I believe so. I was trying for a friend, and I did get locked out like this thread said, but I was far too tired to care. I figured the page had just glitched, so waited for it to refresh!
  12. I see. I suppose they should have set the bar a lot higher than that then, because I just did an online click speed test, and I can do 6 clicks a second, haha!
  13. But I still don't understand why the software would really be a problem for GF, provided my understanding of it is correct (That is basically refreshes a page REALLY FAST)... Like, if you DO get through, there already measures in place to stop those fuckhead touts getting anything from it, such as the reg numbers and photo IDs
  14. Just happened when I tested it. I have pretty quick internet, and a fast finger, so I managed to hit it within about 30 secs! That is very worrying. What even is the problem of refreshing really fast for Glasto tickets? It's not like touts can get a hold of them like normal gigs.
  15. It's just what I was told at the time. However, I do truly believe the one from my friend. His dad told me he had to have counselling to help him through the trauma.