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  1. Green Man Festival 2017

    Interesting! Only a couple of my must sees in there which I'm seeing as a good thing! On my way down there now!
  2. Green Man Festival 2017

    I don't have anyone I want to see in that slot. Gonna be weird to be wondering around during the headline acts. How do you see the top ten, out of interest?
  3. Green Man Festival 2017

    Good man!
  4. Green Man Festival 2017

    Friday has most of my favourites. Fionn Regan, Hurray for the Riff Raff will both be highlights.
  5. Green Man Festival 2017

    Haven't had time to look at it properly, but I think I've almost completely missed big clashes. Happy days.
  6. Green Man Festival 2017

    Timetables @dentalplan https://mobile.twitter.com/varghulf/status/897088463216017408
  7. Green Man Festival 2017

    Apparently it was The Wave Pictures. Never even heard of them.
  8. Green Man Festival 2017

    Good luck
  9. Green Man Festival 2017

    That's the way twickets usually works mate. Have you set up an alert on there?
  10. Green Man Festival 2017

    When do you think we'll have a more concrete idea of the clashes?
  11. Green Man Festival 2017

    Oh, and the playlist for the next month's episode is always on Spotify. It's here if you're interested:
  12. Green Man Festival 2017

    Ah - cheers, mate. That's good to hear. Yeah, not sure if you figured it out but I was the one who enjoyed most of the albums, but JJ was a definite standout. Can't wait to see her. We're recording the next episode in July 2 so a couple of weeks away. Don't know if you're a fan of The National but I've picked them as my ' band I love ' for the upcoming episode, so will be introducing them in the way Nick introduced PJ Harvey in the last one. Thanks again for giving us a go.
  13. Green Man Festival 2017

    Alright folks. Bit of shameless self promotion here, but the latest episode of the podcast I do with a couple of friends has just been published and it's a Green Man special. Each month we pick 4 recent albums that none of us know, one classic album that's new to us, and then one of us introduces an artist we love. And then we all chat shit about them. This episode has Anna Meredith, Timber Timbre, Julia Jacklin, and Badbadnotgood. The classic is Lift to Experience. And my friend tells us why he loves PJ Harvey. Have a listen, if you're at all interested. Cheers: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/picky-bastards-playlist/picky-bastards/e/50368536
  14. Green Man Festival 2017

    Day tickets are only for locals
  15. Green Man Festival 2017

    Kate Tempest is phenomenonal live, if that helps at all...