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  1. Last minute questions!

    Can you keep your cash in the lock ups? What about beers?
  2. Gate A Status thread 2017

    Are they opening up sleeping bags and looking inside? Cos I may have to rethink my packing...
  3. Two return National Express tickets from Leeds

    if anyone still wants this i can meet you at the bus station at 5:15am in leeds. cheers
  4. Last minute questions!

    No way I hate people who do this. I want one for in front of my tent to have a sit down and prepare some brekkie.
  5. Last minute questions!

    They've got them in Poundland for a quid http://www.poundland.co.uk/picnic-blanket-31
  6. Last minute questions!

    Where can I buy a cheap picnic mat?
  7. Corbyn appearing on Pyramid!

    Yeah even if the line-up was banging I couldn't go to a festival where it's roots were based on Reagonomics and Nestle were sponsoring it and weapons manufacturers were giving speeches in the the rightfield tent.
  8. Corbyn appearing on Pyramid!

    I don't understand why all these right wing haters are coming to a left wing festival. I definitely couldn't do it if it was the other way around. I challenge all the haters to actually listen to the man speak. Maybe there's hope for you, maybe you'll come around.
  9. Hay fever crew 2017

    For me nothing completely prevents the symptoms as well as a short course of steroids. 5mg x 4 times a day for 4-5 days of Prednisone sorts me out completely and then I dont have to bother with eye drops + nasal sprays.
  10. How much liquid are you taking?

    Yeah this is what I'm gonna do. Heavy drinks in hiking backpack, lighter things like sleeping bag and clothes in Ikea bag in hand. If you have the hip support straps real tight, you carry more weight on your hips, less on your shoulders so less pain.

    Isn't he a hackneyed, one dimensional, wife-beating twat? BOYCOTT HIM
  12. How much liquid are you taking?

    Hurray! It does work, I knew it would!
  13. How much liquid are you taking?

    I'll put the heavy things in my big backpack, and clothes and sleeping bags in the IKEA bag. I think it will be ok
  14. How much liquid are you taking?

    I'll have to drag it from coach drop-off/PGA to Darble, so I hope it will last the journey. Wont need it on the way back, so I can throw it away if it's damaged

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