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  1. How far did you go over the weekend?

    70 miles, 10 on wed, 14 on thurs, 18 on fri and sat and then 5 on sunday but my watch died at like 10am so I am just gonna double that as I was quite busy on sunday xx thats for my watch for my phone it says i walked 90.6km so 56 miles just a little bit more than ten tors
  2. Surprises

    Lorde was really really good and oh my god Maggie Rogers !! She was so stunned by how much everyone loved her
  3. I will show you mine if I can see yours ...

    I dont think (or cant remember) seeing anyone although i did see a spam towel but ??
  4. Best value veggie foods

    Perfect what are the prices like??
  5. Best value veggie foods

    Hi wheres the best value for money veggie stall? xxx
  6. I've said it ! It's too hot

    Got In around 12 after queueing from 7 in the sun and I have had to retire myself to the church tent as it's just too hot hoping for some forecasted cloud now
  7. What campsite still has space ???

    We are still at gate b not even in yet so I don't quite know where to camp as big ground is full its a 6 man and a 3 man tent
  8. Gate B Status thread 2017

    They are handing out water for people understandably
  9. Gate B Status thread 2017

    Is it true that two queues are merging and a surge of each are going in turn? is that why ped gate b is so slow

    I think gingivitis is a thing with the gums
  11. Big Ground Full ?

    What the fuck !! Savage where's best for a big 6 man and a 3 man tent to go?
  12. Big Ground Full ?

    It's not the biggest where abouts in the queue are you ?
  13. Big Ground Full ?

    What !!!!! I hope not
  14. Gate B Status thread 2017

    Fuck sake we've been queueing there We were there !!!! Thought it was for villagers only so walked all the way over to pedestrian gate b !!!
  15. Gate B Status thread 2017

    Nearly at the ice cream van the queue could move a little faster

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