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  1. Pukkelpop 2017

    Dour just posted a few hours ago that Solange has cancelled and will be replaced by Gucci Mane. That'd be a proper laugh. Edit: Gucci Mane joining the PKP bill, that is.
  2. Pukkelpop 2017

    Well that's... disappointing. Thanks man.
  3. Pukkelpop 2017

    Still no Chance replacement.. Kind of worrying as line-up seems pretty set & I was looking forward to seeing either him or someone else in that genre and of that stature.
  4. Pukkelpop 2017

    Ah, I missed that tweet. Here's to hoping it's Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff. Another one I'd love to see is Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals, they put on an amazing live show. Kendrick would be amazing as well but pretty sure he's not doing Europe this summer. Clark's self-titled album is amazing. Will need to give Lemaitre and D.D. Dumbo a listen! I've been digging through the line-up myself and those that have stood out are Forest Swords (just dropped an album a month back that's a really good listen) and EDEN.
  5. Pukkelpop 2017

    Gone all quiet on the line-up front. Wonder if they're still negotiating a replacement for Chance?
  6. Pukkelpop 2017

    Yeah, I kind of feel obliged to go every year. It's the festival for us here in Helsinki, and the FOMO is unreal.
  7. Pukkelpop 2017

    Flow Festival and Pukkelpop having been to both (the former at least 5 or 6 times now), are like Semprini said, very high quality festivals where things just tend to work. Some differences that come to mind are: - Food/drink queues at PKP are non-existent compared to Flow: At PKP these nifty tokens are pre-bought and no cash/card is used. It's also a lot cheaper. 6€ for a beer at Flow vs. 2,5€ at PKP (this was in 2013 though). - Shows at Flow ends a few hours sooner than at PKP and the area is smaller so there's a few connotations: 1) The schedule at Flow is tighter so at times it's a rush from stage to stage and it was at least last year very packed. 2) At Flow you're bound to need to look for afterparties which can be awesome but also some overly packed club. Apart from those, typical city vs. camping festival differences. Mornings at PKP are hot and sticky where as at Flow you'll wake up at home/hotel and have a proper breakfast and shower before beginning the day again. I'm actually doing both this summer. Going to be a rough 10-ish days.
  8. Pukkelpop 2017

    Danny Brown, Beth Ditto, The Black Lips & Satellite Stories announced for Flow. DB was an awesome time in the Dance Hall in 2013. Definitely eager to see him again post his newest album, which is by far his darkest and most introspective material.
  9. Pukkelpop 2017

    Wouldn't mind Arcade Fire, Bonobo & Savages from that RW lineup. Probably not big enough names to hold for later though. Bar maybe Arcade Fire, though.
  10. Pukkelpop 2017

    New names:
  11. Pukkelpop 2017

    Gotcha, thanks pal. I realized my colleague is Dutch, so asked him and he basically said the same thing.
  12. Pukkelpop 2017

    Someone just asked the PKP twitter account about new names, to which they replied "Binnenkort!". Google tells me that means shortly: Could we be getting new names today?
  13. Pukkelpop 2017

    I'll play along! Since you grabbed that for Strongest line, I'll go 1) Migos, Moose Blood, Mumford & Sons 2) Armand Van Helden B2B Jackmaster, At The Drive-In, BADBADNOTGOOD 3) Bakermat, Band of Horses, Bear's Den
  14. Pukkelpop 2017

    Where'd you find that, if you don't mind me asking? Great news indeed!!
  15. Pukkelpop 2017

    Don't know if this festival has been mentioned in the above speculations, but definitely some names I wouldn't mind seeing at PKP this summer. Motor City Drum Ensemble, Roman Flügel, Mall Grab and DJ Seinfeld definitely options for Club/Castello, even early Boiler Room slots.

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