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  1. Download 2018

    Are we assuming that no one will clash with GNR? I can't imagine it being great for any band who is booked to clash with them. I went to see WSS at Leeds whilst Eminem was on main and it was quite sad knowing that, if the headliner wasn't so big, they'd get a decent turnout.
  2. Download 2018

    Guns N' Roses are a massive headliner and will sell a lot of tickets which will justify a weaker sub and so I can entirely see Volbeat being in that position.
  3. Download 2018

    Along with their other tour dates of Nottingham and Manchester?
  4. Download 2018

    I think we're still waiting to hear the sub for Guns n' Roses - as we have bullet subbing Avenged and Marilyn subbing Ozzy. We're also under the assumption that both Parkway and Rise Against are the 2nd stage headliners and we still don't know who the 3rd is.
  5. Download 2018

    Yeah, I'm well excited for Parkway. After they had to pull out of Leeds '16 I've been dying to see them again. They smashed the main stage last time they played so I'd love to see them headline 2nd. Interested to see WSTR and after seeing Bullet at Brixton I'm quite looking forward to seeing them too.
  6. Download 2018

    Booked mine a few days ago too. Who are you most looking forward to?
  7. Lineup 2018

    1. Manchester Orchestra - A Black Mile to the Surface 2. While She Sleeps - You Are We 3. John Mayer - The Search for Everything 4. Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy 5. Code Orange - Forever 6. Enter Shikari - The Spark 7. Trivium - The Sin and The Sentence 8. Alt-J - Relaxer 9. WSTR - Red, Green or Inbetween 10. Sundara Karma - Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect
  8. Download 2018

    They announced pretty much all of the main acts and day /stage splits at the start of February last year. However, they are taking their time a bit more this year so I expect the next announcement to look how the announcement for 2017 did in December(2016). I expect you'll know what day the bands higher up the bill are playing and they'll just list the rest - with hopefully some level of stage splits.
  9. Download 2018

    We're getting some more bands in January. I'm personally hoping for Architects.
  10. Download 2018

    I think that's a very solid announcement. I assume that means we're still yet to hear who the 3rd main stage sub is?
  11. Download 2018

    In my opinion, he deserves a main stage slot. He's an incredible performer.
  12. Lineup 2018

    Liam Gallagher is headlining TRNSMT?
  13. Download 2018

    We're gonna get some more bands announced at the end of the month, would love to see Parkway, Architects or While She Sleeps announced.
  14. Download 2018

    Download's social media have been going on about Halloween a lot, reckon they just threw a curveball and are actually just gonna pop the lineup out tomorrow
  15. Download 2018

    I personally think that makes them more likely for next year. They played BST so it wouldn't have made sense for them to play Download as well. (not that I'm expecting them to turn up in 2018).