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  1. BoomTown 2017 alone!

    I enjoyed it but without ur mates it's not as gd. I ended up on my own most of the time. When I was there I just chilled out an went with the flow. As ur young I reckon u would find a group that u can hang about with. I should be goin next year with or without my mates.
  2. Tickets not arrived!

    U checked ur junk folder mine was in there.
  3. BoomTown 2017 alone!

    My first festival alone aswell, gotta go on coach on my own like a sado lol. Ive decided to go no matter what just abit gutted its on my own. Im happy enough to meet anyone, im a friendly an enjoy having a laugh just feel daft talkin to random people at first. I Think u should go Cause , u would be gutted other wise.
  4. BoomTown 2017 alone!

    If anyone doesnt wanna camp alone, i dont mind trying to meet even just for the moral support :).
  5. BoomTown 2017 alone!

    Im still going alone , hoping im not to drunk to find meetin place. Anyone heard anymore on were the lonely people r camping :). Be really gd to have a efest camping but heard it never happens must be hard when everyone's so excited on the day.
  6. BoomTown 2017 alone!

    I think I will be going on my own sounds to gd to miss. I think im just over thinking lol. I will see how things are closer to the day, need a smaller tent I think now goin on my own :)
  7. BoomTown 2017 alone!

    Guys thanks for all the advice so far. Do the campsites have plenty of space or do they get full quickly. Also what campsite should aim 4 if i like d&b.
  8. BoomTown 2017 alone!

    direct to site
  9. BoomTown 2017 alone!

    im going on coach from Nottingham costing 50quid return. if ur going with a few people probably going in car
  10. BoomTown 2017 alone!

    I will probably be wondering around the whole six days like a headless chicken lol. i hopfully will end up not to far away but i don't mind a walk anyway its finding my way bk to the tent that worrys me lol
  11. BoomTown 2017 alone!

    Do u have any advice on goin alone or do u find u end up making mates early on anyway. If u do end up alone is there enough to do to keep u entertained?. Went bestival last year with my mates an couldnt imagine going there alone wasnt that much to do.
  12. BoomTown 2017 alone!

    i haven't tried sorry. if u send me link I could try see if it accepts my dob
  13. BoomTown 2017 alone!

    is the unofficial Efest meet at the Bad Apple bar uptown , something that is definitely happening:). my first time at boomtown and from what ive read its worth goin even if it is on your own. tho I think I might of had a lot of Dutch courage before, so I don't not go :).
  14. BoomTown 2017 alone!

    Only second festival first one went with my friends. Wanted to go Glastonbury or boomtown decided on something abit different. Friends let me down so im in two mines if to go still:). I purchased the coach ticket from Nottingham so will be traveling with loads of groups on my own lol. I do find it hard to just start talking to randoms, Tho im alittle crazy when i get going. Im hoping i go but i wont no till it gets closer. if ur still on ur own I would meet u tho
  15. BoomTown 2017 alone!

    Hi Im still in two mind's if i should go, mates let me down now stuck with no one to go with :(. B my first festival goin alone so not sure yet. If i do go i dont mind meetin. Regards simon