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  1. 2019 Headliners

    I could get on board with this a lot more than the 1975 that's for sure... I've been obsessively checking the dates of late. A little tempted by tickets to the gig in Berlin, but waiting on in case they turn up in the UK. Surely they will...right?
  2. What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    Just out of interest....why are your Glastonbury days over but not your Boomtown's? You probably have mentioned this before...i've had a bit of efests hiatus
  3. What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    Sitting on the floor of my University department crying about my PhD....as long as its done by June 2019 (and I have a golden ticket) I'm kind of OK with that
  4. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Excellent That's good enough for me!!!
  5. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Soooo I know it's old news that Placebo are playing a few gigs in October....but has anyone seen them recently? Are they worth 40quid nowadays? I saw them at Reading in 2004 and they were totally amazing, but they (and I) were all a lot younger then... Maybe there in lies the fun, I really cant decide. As always, any thoughts welcome
  6. KLF in Liverpool

    Haha, yes @Franky was all I could think about when the stories about them started popping up on The Guardian To think if it hadn't have been for my efestivals addiction in the run up to Glastonbury I might still be totally oblivious to their existence
  7. Glastonbury 2020

    Maybe they should give you a job
  8. Glastonbury 2020

    Cor blimey!!!
  9. Boomtown?

    This is bonkers. Imagine being in a queue over night!! How is it even possible? Obviously a really stressful, horrible situation but stories about fighting in the queue do not make me want to try it out next year as a Glasto replacement! A shame, as it does sound awesome once you're in!! What is going on with festivals this year? Did Glasto being the best one ever suck up all the good festival juju from everyone else....
  10. Electronica/Dance

    Aaah cool, thanks Tuna! I did actually think it was a bit weird as one of the options they have when you're selling is if you're selling tickets as a business... not even trying to hide it I guess. I'll check out these options now!
  11. Electronica/Dance

    Hey guys, Hope this isn't too much of a tangent, but I have a spare ticket for Lost Village that I'm selling. I've put it on Stub Hub for £130, which is a bit less than the face value, and less than the current tickets are selling at. Plus the lineup is sweet If anyone is interested, PM me and I can send you the link Cheers!
  12. Electronica/Dance

    What's everyone's thoughts about Lost village in general? The lineup looks pretty sound, but does it have a good vibe or is it full of dicks? I have an ex boyfriend whose involved in the decorations. A bunch of my friends got me a ticket I was hoping to avoid him, but just found out how small it is compared to Glastonbury. Probably not the best place to avoid someone... thoughts about that too?
  13. Electronica/Dance

    Eh? So when I made a load of my friends go to Genosys to stomp about to Blawan, that wasn't actually Blawan? That's embarrassing.... @bennyhana22...did you know about this? I'm so confused!
  14. The Killers Headling 2019

    Cool, thanks for the link...I have two friends that will be very excited about that. Any idea who the presale is?
  15. Random hookups

    It was awesome wasn't it!?! Sounds like I wasn't too far away from you either! If only I'd made it to the efests meet up, maybe I would have found you in the crowd. Did you see Heidi? I wanted to go back to Genosys for that on Sat night but we ended up spending the night around the Beat Hotel and Silver Hayes. A highly entertaining and amusing evening, but a bit gutted that I missed her (all three times she bloody played!) I missed Jon Hopkins Damnit! Can't remember what I was doing then...ambling about around The Glade ducking into whatever caught our fancy before Fatboy Slim maybe (a standard edition just because it's the only dance act that everyone in my crew is happy to go along to)