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  1. Inmusic Festival 2018

    Icelandic hip hop band according to wiki
  2. Inmusic Festival 2018

    Maintains my 100% record of incorrectly guessing headliners
  3. Inmusic Festival 2018

    Offspring....you heard it here First
  4. Inmusic Festival 2018

    Posters starting to look nice huh.
  5. Sziget Festival 2018

    Good enough for me...just brought a pair of tickets
  6. Sziget Festival 2018

    Lykke Li insta post adds war on drugs...
  7. Sziget Festival 2018

    Compared to last year that’s a solid start imo ....some very good live acts in there.
  8. Rock Werchter 2018

    Gregory....today is a great day! You just made it to neutrality in terms of up n down votes after being trolled...it was my pleasure to get you he last one
  9. Sziget Festival 2018

    I’d be happy if he’s not there but it does fit well with his planned tour dates. Let’s see, szigets lineup is pretty unpredictable (and often not in a good way )
  10. Sziget Festival 2018

    I’ll throw Ed Sheerans name in there...
  11. Sziget Festival 2018

  12. Rock Werchter 2018

    As they have shown recently I expect Werchter to book the biggest bands around and available at the time. Anyways weaker headliners and a very good undercard night not be such a bad thing.
  13. Inmusic Festival 2018

    I’d have thought in the unlikely event they had foos theyd announce when ticket prices went up. It’d sell out fast on the back of them playing.
  14. Inmusic Festival 2018

    Yeah I know. Festivals just after inmusic...roughly 6-7 hour drive.