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  1. 2017 festival

    I'd be devastated if Kasabian had to cancel!
  2. 2017 festival

    I was planning on arriving at around 3/4pm on the Wednesday. I've never had early entry before but I just assumed that the queues would be okay at all times on Wednesday due to a lot less people. Will queues really last a couple of hours at this time?
  3. 2017 festival

    My top 10: 1. Kasabian 2. The Big Moon 3. Liam Gallagher 4. Everything Everything 5. Declan McKenna 6. The Amazons 7. VANT 8. Two Door Cinema Club 9. Sundara Karma 10. The Sherlocks
  4. 2017 festival

    Reading weekend tickets sold out.
  5. 2017 festival

    Anyone received their ticket yet? I bought mine through the instalment plan on ticketmaster, not arrived yet though.
  6. Citadel 2017

    I'm in the same boat. I bought the ticket when it was just Foals announced, as they are one of my favourite bands. The rest of the line up hasn't really clicked with me, it's quite a bit more chilled out than Foals. I think I'm gonna turn up about 4ish, have a wander around and check out some of the non-music stuff they have and have a few beverages in preparation for Foals.
  7. BST Hyde Park 2017

    Gates opened at 3pm for Kings of Leon which I believe is quite a bit later than the other days? So have to bare that in mind. I was only at the main stage for Kings of Leon and there wasn't loads of empty space at the back. It was full but there was a bit of room to move around, everyone wasn't jammed in.
  8. BST Hyde Park 2017

    I had a great time at Kings of Leon yesterday. Arrived at about 5pm and got myself a wristband. I then got a bit merry down at the cocktail bar and then arrived back for Kings of Leon and loved it. I do agree that the system was a bit unfair, I did see individuals grabbing 3 or 4 wristbands at a time. They shouldn't be allowed to do it. Being in that front pit really made all the difference though. I was miles away for Mumford last year and didn't really enjoy it. Also managed to meet up with someone whilst in London today who had a spare ticket for the killers, so I'll be back tomorrow!
  9. BST Hyde Park 2017

    I replied asking if they could tell me whether it'll be used tomorrow or not and they said... "it is very likely a wristband system will be in place, yes." So yeah, there we go. Supposed to be thunder and lightning tomorrow in London, I hope it clears away fairly early!
  10. BST Hyde Park 2017

    I asked about the wiristband situation and received this reply "For Green Day, Kings of Leon and The Killers, we have a general admission area in front of the main stage. This area is capacity-controlled to ensure your safety, therefore (as per ticket descriptions) access to this area is never guaranteed, and is on a first-come-first-served basis.For this general admission area we may use measures such as wristbanding to ensure that numbers are monitored. If so, wristbands are allocated when customers exit this area to ensure that they are able to leave to go to the toilet and regain entry to this area (and re-join their group) without conflict, whilst enabling the security team to ensure the area never exceeds capacity. These wristbands are part of the event’s operational plans and cannot be purchased.Note: Priority Entry tickets allow customers entry to the main event up to one hour before doors for general admission. This ticket type does not guarantee any access to viewing areas or similar." So wouldn't actually confirm whether wirstbands are going to be used again...
  11. BST Hyde Park 2017

    I was also going to post about the maps, I noticed that earlier. I'm not that bothered about the rest of the line-up for Kings of Leon so I don't really want to be there for opening time, but if there's wrist bands I feel like I'll have to. Hmmm. I'll email them and hopefully they can clarify beforehand.
  12. BST Hyde Park 2017

    Ah okay. Same as Community Festival yesterday then. Cheers
  13. BST Hyde Park 2017

    I'm going to Kings of Leon on Thursday so I'll try get down early for a wristband. What was the security like? Searches, dogs etc?
  14. Car parks on Monday

    I was thinking of driving to Reading this year and buying a pass for the Green car park. I know we have to leave the festival site at 12pm, but what time do cars have to be out of the car park on the Monday? I'd like to maybe let the rush die down and give myself a bit of time to sober up.... Thanks
  15. BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend 2017

    Why do Kasabian have such a low slot for this? It's a bit strange