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  1. Glastonbury evolves

    anyway all this sounds really good, they need to have a fallow year to make these kind of significant changes so its a blessing in disguise really. She also mentioned something about the Park changing.
  2. Glastonbury evolves

    to be honest it takes up loads of room in that area unused. glasto latino could either be made smaller or gotten rid of entirely.
  3. Latitude 2018

    Bridget Christie tho. Nice work. I've never been but would echo the sentiment that the undercard seems to be really good for people who are properly into their music but they just have the headliners to pull in the part timers. That lineup as a whole with killers headlining just looks really off. To be honest its probably more a reflection of the sheer lack of viable headline bands out there that you can't pull together a cohesive lineup where the headliners and the undercard complement each other. Alt J headlined bluedot last year which is a lot smaller than latitude so that seems pretty weak as well. They've obviously had to spend shed loads on the killers, but they will be worth it commerically as they'll bring in loads of people.
  4. Bestival 2018 incoming!

    you're not wrong at all. loads of us used to go but dont any more as the festival market has been gradually segmented. The lineup really does appeal to me as a throwback to the best bestival days. For strength in depth and a party atmosphere i think this is a pretty decent lineup but for that kind of money and travel from the north they really need at least one knock it out of the park headliner which they absolutely do not have. Grace Jones is a living legend mind and will put on an amazing performance. Its competition is now the likes of Green Man, Kendal, Lost Village, Bluedot, Fest No 6 rather than Glastonbury. I will be going to lost village and bluedot this year as they're a lot closer for me travel wise (and I am getting a freebie to one of them). If I lived down south and it was closer I would look to go to bestival with the expectation of picking up a cheaper 2nd hand ticket in the run up to the festival as there is no way on earth this is selling out. If you could grab a ticket for £100 I think it'd be very worthwhile.
  5. Blue Dot Festival

    everything shuts down about 2am on Friday/Sat and it all ends at at 1am on the sunday. Main stage finishes at 11pm. There is nothing else really of note outside the arena late at night in my experience. to be honest if you left at midnight on the sunday you wouldn't be missing hardly anything. Weatherall did close it last year which was pretty ace, but for the sake of an hour you may not want to inconvenience yourself. there really will be no reason to be there after 1am on sunday. we got a few hours kip and drove out at like 6/7am on monday morning, it was the best exit of a festival i've ever had. cos of the family thing loads and loads leave on sunday night.
  6. Talking Heads

    If money was a motivator they'd have done it by now. he obviously doesnt need the money and has loads of other artistic projects on. Thats not to say it would never happen but he just doesnt seem motivated by money and is clearly more about the artistry. Highly commendable in my opinion although i'd love to see it.
  7. Electronica/Dance

    saw optimo in leeds on Friday and they did the business as they always do! they are criminally underrated in this town, they were only playing a 250 cap venue and it was about 2/3rds full. All the kids were probably off to see solardo the next night
  8. Electronica/Dance

    yeah you are right there is always going to be repeats here like freerotation, two fests you now can't get tickets for for love nor money! I underestimated both dekmantel and houghton for how fast they'd go. both pretty esoteric as well. Fair play to them both.
  9. Such a shame there's no Glastonbury this year

    perfect example as I couldnt give a toss about frank ocean yeah there were a fair few late, late shows! i do remember one year (not last) almost falling asleep waiting for hot chip to come on at like 3:30am
  10. Electronica/Dance

    Houghton has definitely dug out a bit of a niche for itself and it should be commended for that. One thing that seems to be happening this year in festival land is nothing at all shocking or surprising though. Probably half to 2/3rds of houghton's lineup played last year. Parklife looks like the exact same festival every year. Lost village is very similar to last year. Bluedot is fairly similar. The sheer volume of events has segmented the market into fairly narrow niche's which leaves little room for adventurous or surprising bookings or much crossover of genres. In a completely separate area of the market, Green Man and End of the Road are basically the same festival every year. just a few rambling thoughts! I think its why I love glastonbury so much, you can move between areas / genres and festivals in one place. In one afternoon / evening.
  11. Such a shame there's no Glastonbury this year

    Definitely subjective as I reckon last years was a fair bit better I would return to primavera but the lineup doesnt suit my taste this year as much. and its got a lot more expensive, partly due to factors under their control (ticket price with lineup known up 35 euros in one year) and partly due to factors outside their control like accomodation and flight prices.
  12. Electronica/Dance

    admittedly we only realised they had made it a free for anyone as we saw them post it on twitter whilst sat in the campsite
  13. Electronica/Dance

    really really great lineup expect that will sell out quite quickly
  14. Electronica/Dance

    are you talking about soulwax from last year? If so then fair comment although it ended up being a free for all anyway in the end. They were also announced much later on than the first announcement. No one in their announcement made last week will have that this year and i'd be surprised if that amazon music thing gets repeated this year anywhere. Happened at bluedot with Leftfield and people kicked off and again it ended up being a free for all.
  15. Such a shame there's no Glastonbury this year

    i feel the complete opposite. Feels like an average year for bands / acts "doing the rounds" and feels like a good year to have picked to be off, albeit that decision will have been made years ago.