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  1. 2019 festival

    Paolo is Scottish though so he'd probably sell better there (similar to Biffy Clyro)
  2. TRNSMT Festival 2018

    Fall Out Boy haven't been able to sell out an arena ever....
  3. Lineup 2018

    Pukkelpop is usually end of February/start of March iirc Also they are doing the exact same b2b at SW4 on the Saturday so they'll have to be on late if they're gonna make it in time
  4. Lineup 2018

    Thats not how a B2B set works They're all on at the same time DJing
  5. Lineup 2018

    Plus I have no clue what to expect. This year seems to have so many changes (new announcement, weaker headliners but maybe stronger NME headliners, 50% rap which I have no clue about placements, pop acts being booked, bizzare ordering choices like The Blaze being so high up etc.). The only thing that will help us now is the Pukkelpop announcement but that still aint for a while
  6. Lineup 2018

    You could make the same argument about The Vaccines I mean, Netsky playing solo would headline that stage nowadays surely, and Jauz is pretty big too nowadays (I had him 4th down on the Dance stage).
  7. Lineup 2018

    I expected them to be 3rd down but not over Skepta/J Hus/CHVRCHES/Wolf Alice etc. but more as the weaker 3rd down (though changed my mind later with everyone that Hunna are most likely for that slot tbh)
  8. Lineup 2018

    That just seems like such a weird order to book acts for, but then again everything about the lineup has been weird so far...
  9. Lineup 2018

    73 Highlight sets apparently but I have no idea how accurate that number is. But bearing in mind Clashfinder is used mostly by rock fans (hip-hop/rap and electronic acts usually get lower highlight numbers) Brockhamptons and Kendricks count is very respectable imo
  10. Lineup 2018

    On the poster Meryl from Brockhampton posted on instagram. Considering theyre doing Latitude and Community you'd have expected them to not be on the first announcement anyway
  11. Lineup 2018

    Hmmmm... now things aren't quite adding up fml lol
  12. Lineup 2018

    I had Vaccines 4th down on it with that just in place of where Wombats are (with Wombats 4th down main on the Friday)
  13. Lineup 2018

    The top 10 highlight counts on the Clashfinder: Interesting that Kings of Leon have the lowest count of the headliners
  14. Lineup 2018

    So where is J Hus playing on the Saturday then? 4th down main below Wombats? Surely not... I don't think it makes logical sense that they would have just swapped Vaccines & Wombats as what would be the point? I assume there has been some reshuffle because someone dropped out (maybe the NME headliner on the Sat?) or someones album did better than expected and got bumped up or someones album did worse than expected and got bumped down. "We've already had all the third downs" unless Vaccines aren't third down which is my whole point
  15. Lineup 2018

    Glitterbug is a really good album tbh. Its just typical indie pop/rock but its one of the best indie pop-rock records. Plus theyre always great live imo. New record is kinda trash tho, Glitterbug was quite cohesive whereas this one is a bit of a mismatch of songs. Would have been better just condensing it down to an EP.
  16. Lineup 2018

    Wait you think Wombats are third? So NME goes Diplo < J Hus < Skepta? Cause Diplo doing a cloaing set would mean Skepta aint even vs. a headliner TBH I dunno whats so difficult about this either. Youre just saying you thinm Vaccines would be 3rd down main on the Friday rather than NME headliners on the Saturday which basically makes 0 difference (assuming you agree Don Broco is gonna be there and would just fill the other slot)
  17. Lineup 2018

    Nothing has changed other than where the fuck would Vaccines fit on that Sunday with Wombats there too. Tbh i dont really care what is going on with Sunday atm as it looks like a mess with way too many big acts there. Looking at the other 2 days, I see it as there is 1 missing 3rd down, 1 missing NME headliner and 1 missing 4th down. Vaccines we know have been booked, Don Boco are extremely likely to have been booked. So that just leaves arranging them and picking someone else to fit in that mash of artists (I went with Twin Atlantic as the other act as they should have an album out and havent played in a while)
  18. Lineup 2018

    Just looked back to find the poster now. I read the changes as Move Wombats from 4th down friday to 4th down sunday Bump J Hus up from 4th down Sunday to NME headliner Move Vaccines from NME headliner Sunday to NME headliner Saturday Im guessing whoever was booked for that slot (maybe CHVRCHES or whoever) pulled out last minute and J Hus made the most sense to be boosted but wanted to still be on the same day as Skepta. Ofc there could be a different reason (maybe its the only day J Hus could do or something?) but it makes the most sense to me as I cant see Vaccines slotting in anywhere else (assuming they dont wanna be 3rd main again, in which case they could do 3rd down Friday instead of Don Broco)
  19. Lineup 2018

    Yeah for whatever reason they got swapped (with The Wombats iirc who were booked for the Friday on that poster iirc?) I'm guessing because someone pulled out and it was just easier to shuffle around and add someone to the bottom. And sure Sigrid fans would prefer to see Kendrick, but a Vaccines fan who has gone early to get a good spot would much rather sit through Sigrid than a Sum 41 fan. Plus I cant see them knocking Vaccines down to 4th, wheras Sum 41 would be very comfortable for that position
  20. Lineup 2018

    I feel like Sigrid into Vaccines would have a lot more people staying on the same stage than Sigrid into Sum 41 (plus I dont see Vaccines playing 3rd down again and judging by that other poster they have been booked)
  21. Lineup 2018

    Sigrid into Sum 41 what a crowd that would be lmao
  22. Lineup 2018

    Maybe swap AJ Tracey and Mr Eazi then. Listenting to his stuff it doesn't really sound Dance Tent at all imo lol EDIT: NGL, I pay very little attention to the 1xtra stage. I've only been in it once to see Vince Staples and that was it lmao
  23. Lineup 2018

    He subbed it last year iirc (or maybe 3rd down). Just would have expected him to move to the NME... I've tried filling in all the gaps for the top 2 stages too by basically trying to mould my old prediction around it
  24. Lineup 2018

    He's a rapper isnt he? He wasn't the kind of person I wanted to headline the 1Xtra but AJ Tracey wouldn't do it and if I put him on the NME too surely thats way too much rap at the top that day
  25. Lineup 2018

    It's effectively a 4th down slot on the main though, I can't see them being lower than that surely?