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  1. Lineup 2018

    I mean, Amazons and FF played the same venue in my town (admittedly Amazons did sell it out quicker) but FF will have an album out by then so I predict that they're gonna get a big boost from that (whereas I doubt we'll get any new music from the Amazons or Declan by then)
  2. Victorious Festival 2018

    OK probs should have checked when they last played IOW before making that comment I dunno, I'm not sure I'd consider it, Bestival or V a "major" festival anymore the same way I consider Glasto, R&L, TRNSMT etc. They've all lost ground (thought that may just because I really hate IOW fest, but the rest are defo shrinking).
  3. Lineup 2018

    This doesn't look too shabby tbh, I'd go! Some thoughts: Friday - Looks pretty decent on the main stage (though I still don't think RB will solo headline and I cant see Catfish playing still. Seems maybe a bit weak too at the lower end? Ditch Milk Teeth and put someone in above The Amazons imo). NME seems a bit weird imo tho. Still don't think these Dua Lipa predictions will hold true, and sampha is pitched a bit too low imo. Just chuck Sampha is where Dua is and move DMA's up into the empty slot). Saturday - Arcane roots would surely be able to get higher than that? Other than that main stage looks pretty solid. Looking at the NME looks pretty decent too, though I would swap King Giz & SZA (who is a really good shout tbh). Sunday - Fickle Friends are probably underplaced and Declan is probs overplaced tbh (I have both of them and Amazons as my 3rd on acts). Brand New I doubt will be playing tbh but they're placed fairly imo. Darlia I imagine would be higher than that on the NME but other than that looks pretty solid imo (tho neck deep could potentially get a higher slot as well tbh,wouldn't be that suprised if they got the Brand New slot on main)
  4. Victorious Festival 2018

    No way they are getting booked for R+L this year. A million better, more relevant bands around that they could pick up. I expect AF will do a mid-sized fest if they do anything e.g. Latitude, IOW, Victorious etc.
  5. Lineup 2018

    Think Prodigy would be a strong sub but I think there must be another reason why they haven't been booked (would be an amazing show tho). Side note I'm kinda digging the new Tonight Alive single, much better than World Away. Wonder how they'll do if they play considering they lost a member.
  6. British Summer Time 2018

    I mean, Lorde has way better lyricims, production and a more unique voice imo... I don't really understand why he is getting so much praise and hype when in comparison Lorde's album got relatively overlooked (not critically but it hasn't sold as well)
  7. British Summer Time 2018

    Damn had assumed Bruno would do V. I guess this is good for him as well it just means I have no idea who V are gonna get now lol
  8. Lineup 2018

    I dunno I wouldn't really consider it for any other but R+L has always seemed like baby's first festival to me. At least at my school the large majority of people went after GCSE's had finished and for the next couple of years. Would love to see ADTR tho I think if they're gonna do R+L it would be off the back of a new album no? (which I wouldn't expect till 2019)
  9. Lineup 2018

    I just think it's the way Reading is looking to go. They seem to be moving away from being a rock festival and towards being a variety festival for urban music aimed at school leavers. School Leavers like their DnB raves, and all 3 of those would probably go down better than the likes of someone like Jamie XX (who I imagine would still be touring with the xx). Pendulum and Chase & Status have long term relationships with FR, and Rudimental has done a bunch of stuff with Live Nation before. I agree Rudimental is the least likely, but I think Pendulum or C&S are far more likely than someone like Cage The Elephant or Metronomy or All Time Low... And I don't think DnB is falling away that much. At least in Nottingham, DnB are probably the best selling gigs atm. Pretty much every one that comes up sells out.
  10. Lineup 2018

    Plus Galantis' recent album did really poorly, to use my recent analogy they are doing a Slaves. IMO I think it's pretty easily locked in that a DnB act will be doing an NME headline slot. Pendulum, Chase & Status and Rudimental all with new stuff. Plus Wilkinson is pretty much guaranteed to be on the NME after headlining that stage in Leeds this last year. Camo & Krooked also are potential Dance headliners off the back of their last album imo. Fred V & Grafix have put together a live show this year, so I kinda expect a festival debut of that next year at R+L. Both Maya Jane Coles and Kolsch have had new albums out so could see both of them doing something on the dance or NME stage. Hannah wants is really popular atm too. Would definitely expect her to headline the Dance stage one night. Other potnetial acts that could be high up the bill are Gorgon City with their new album out (they seem to not do closing sets anymore but they'd be ideal candidates). If Porter Robinson's new album is out could easily see him subbing a stage too. Krewella will have a new album out so could see them on the Dance stage too People have suggested ODESZA but they've never played the fest before and I think they'd want too high of a slot (theyd probs want to headline the NME). Madeon's never played the fest either although he'll probably have his album out by then. RL Grime has never played either, but I think he'd probably the best candidate for a main stage act. I guess Annie Mac could work her magic on the main stage too but tbh I think they'd be more likely to put her on the NME if she plays. Also rumour has it that both Sigma and DJ Snake will be putting out albums next year. IF either of those are true they are good candidated for main stage or NME performances too.
  11. Lineup 2018

    Kodaline wouldn't be that far up the bill surely. Pretty sure macklemore would be further down the bill too nowadays. Doubt mura masa will be back next year, he's played the last 2 and won't have anything new out before next year I doubt. ODESZA I doubt too as they have never played R+L. Personally I think someone like Jack Garrat is more likely, but as they're expanding into alt-pop someone like Charli XCX if she has a strong album or Banks or FKA Twigs would all be more likely in that slot imo NME headliner? maybe like 5th down on that stage. Not sure how big King G is with the school leavers...
  12. Lineup 2018

    Do people reckon maybe the coheadliner could be Disclosure? It's only been 2 years since they last played but if they have a new album around then maybe? Just a thought....
  13. Lineup 2018

    Sigma and Annie are surely bigger than that right? IMO CHVRCHES and BBK could both probably sub too.
  14. Lineup 2018

    TBH cant be worse than the Catfish headlining Community for an hour and a half. Was basically just the same song over and over for an hour and a half....
  15. Lineup 2018

    Definitely can't see Royal Blood solo headlining. They have gotten far worse placements at all other festivals (3rd down at Glasto etc.) and I can't see they would look so weak compared to Kendrick and Arctics. Defo can see them coheadlining, the issue is I don't really know who would be best coheadline with them (otherwise they could be stuck subing tbh). Paramore I think is most likely, 21P aren't big enough yet and I dont think QOTSA are busy elsewhere. I kinda hope Prodigy but I doubt it. No way they'll get Foos and Arctics in one year lol. There would be no point buisness wise as just one would sell well anyways and then they could spread it over 2 years.