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  1. Ugh but BBBB is so boring And I've never been to one of their shows before but damn thats a shame. All I Wanted I always loved cause it changes tempo over the song and would be really great in swapping between their heavier and more mellow songs in a set. Ah well
  2. This is kinda what I would expect as a setlist: 1. Hard Times (After Laughter) 2. Ain't It Fun (Paramore) 3. New Song (After Laughter) 4. crushcrushcrush (RIOT!) 5. Decode (BNE) 6. Grow Up/Last Hope (Paramore) 7. New Song (After Laughter) 8. Anklebiters (Paramore) 9. The Only Exception (BNE) 10. New Song (After Laughter) 11. New Song (After Laughter) 12. All I Wanted (BNE) 13. Pressure (AWKIF) 14. Ignorance (BNE) 15. Let The Flames Begin (RIOT!) 16. New Song (After Laughter) ENCORE: 17. Still Into You (Paramore) 18. Misery Business (RIOT!) Could maybe chuck Hallelujah or Brick By Boring Brick in there (or maybe both if they get a 1hr 45 set), or maybe another new one? Also couldn't make up my mind between Last Hope or Grow Up (cause god damn I love Grow Up).
  3. Maybe subing, don't think they are coheadlining material yet (thank god).
  4. I think it's telling enough that I don't even recognise there names. I don't really listen to 2nd Law much but those are definitely not the titles I remember.
  5. TBH I just love watching Muse live. They're nothing like they were but imo they're still one of the best live acts, especially if it aint a "Drones" show so hopefully they'll play more of their older stuff.
  6. Wait that was actually a thing? Haven't really listened to them much tbh (Thought The Uprising was a bit too experimental too. It wasn't like Paramore's self titled which was pop but still good, it was just bad pop.)
  7. I mean The Balcony was incredibly safe too, Catfish is pretty much the most generic alt-rock band I can think of. But I get what you mean, kinda why I still admire MUSE for experimenting so much even if it has all been pretty bad...
  8. Saturday is actually really annoying. Kinda wanted to see WSS, Andy C and Flume. Meanwhile on the Friday I don't really have anyone I wanna see. Oh well......
  9. She only just started festival apperances with her last alum didn't she? She's definitely doing Coachella next year so.... But you're right Stormzy makes a ton more sense than Frank Ocean
  10. Wireless could do something like Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce, Frank Ocean or something like that if they still wanna hit the R&B/hip-hop crowd Then you still have people like Taylor Swift, Radiohead (if they're still touring?), The XX, Adele, Stone Roses etc. for BST too....
  11. I actually thought that their Self Titled was pretty good. They went more poppy but still kept a fairly rocky sound. Not sure if I'm feeling this atm it feels like its being done better by other bands...
  12. Have you listened to their new single? It's kinda more CHVRCHES/Fickle Friends kinda style
  13. Yep, hoping it aint too expensive hoping to catch it at Bristol though I've never been to that venue
  14. To be honest Paramore has a gap in their schedule around R+L rn too and they'd also be a great secret set
  15. What makes you say that?