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  1. Well, people seem interested in their new album but I agree they aren't anywhere near as popular it seems as on their last cycle (and tbh I wouldn't have called them NME headline material anyway. They're not even close to the size of say 1975 from last year. Would have pegged them as NME sub)
  2. Agreed, I'm pretty sure at this point that if Paramore is one day and RB is either headlining or co-headlining the next day then the other slot is for either Arctics, Foos or Killers. I think foos is less likely if RB is soloheadlining and tbh I could easily see them do TRNSMT and BST next year anyways (or tbh just arenas with the new album coming out). Arctics and Killers are my top 2 picks for that last slot
  3. Hmmm, thats verging on "they doth protest too much" kinda levels of denying it.....
  4. TBH after this new Lorde album I actually kinda wanna see that crazy predicition w/ Lorde subbing come true as I am realllly liking this album.
  5. Damn this new Killers single is kinda giving me 1975 vibes but it's more disco and more compelling imo. Actually really hoping for them now after this....
  6. Lol hadn't even seen that, assumed it was just the thursday before the fest.
  7. The FR stage is right next to the main stage, so you'll probably be fine. The timing would be the only sticking point (if MUSE have an extra long set it may clash with Ash quite a lot)
  8. Also the secret set will probably be on the Sunday main stage then too
  9. New lineup poster is on the Neck Deep tweet
  10. OK SJLT is not a good song in any way. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall would have been perfect as a replacement for it at the charity gig. However, I agree it's not quite the same thing as LG, and Wonderwall would have been great. In the same time though, I can 100% see why Liam wanted to turn up and do his own stuff, rather than turning up just to be effectively an Oasis tribute. It was a tricky situation as he could either look like a shill or look like he's not done anything since Oasis.
  11. Agreed on The xx alt-J and SOAD, but I definitely don't think Imagine Dragons aren't stuck at subbing. I think they have a better chance of getting it than Catfish easily. At this point I can't see Kendrick coheadlining. If he does it at all it will be a solo headline. I feel like FR will also probs wanna test out BMTH as a headliner before bump[ing them up (like with Foals & 1975) so headlining Download first makes sense. At the same time, I don't feel as though Royal Blood are a big enough name to solo headline, especially given where they have been placed on lineups this year.
  12. But also why it is never going to happen
  13. I've pegged alt-J as subbing for next year I think. Don't think that last album was good enough. Maybe Imagine Dragons it kind of depends how their new album does, tbh it just has to perform better than their last album and they're probably in with a chance. The XX could do it but I don't think they've ever played Reading sooooo :L SOAD are definitely a good suggestion though (though SOAD and Royal Blood is quite a heavy set of coheadliners)
  14. The more I think about it the less I think Royal Blood are gonna solo headline. I have no clue who else to put there (agreed BMTH should headline Download next year, 1975 will be 2019, CHVRCHES will at least be 2019 - Melvin said he wants to push them into the headline spot but tbh I'm not sure they'll be ready this next album cycle, but if they are itll be 2019). Who even are the other options anymore? Catfish maybe at a pinch? Maybe Chance the rapper just about? their aint many coheadline level people about this year that I can think of.
  15. The 1975 & CHRVCHES / BMTH / Arctic Monkeys