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  1. Probably more likely for 2019 but I would KILL for a CHVRCHES/1975 co-headline
  2. Main Stage: SOHN NME: Mura Masa Dance: KSHMR Pit: Twin Atlantic Festival Republic: Aquilo 1xtra: NAO
  3. Damn I've never heard of that fest before. Also means that Cypress Hill can't be on the sunday (iirc someone suggested that they might be on the sunday). Also rules out Franz Ferdinand as they are playing there and at Victorious
  4. I mean, The xx also may have been held back as they want to sell more tickets on the arena tour they are on at the moment (thought they were announced for Bestival anyways).
  5. Wilkinson is pretty much impossible as he is playing SW4 and cream. That doesn't mean he couldn't do it (especially as currently only his SW4 set is down as a live one), but that would mean doing 2 shows in one day so virtually impossible.
  6. TBH, Drones isn't even Muse's worst album *glares at 2nd Law and the resistance*
  7. I had Migos subbing NME anyways, though I guess maybe they could be headlining the 1Xtra stage. Looking at the other days and what people have guessed, it goes: Headliner Sub Main / Third Main / NME headline / Dance This would mean that Haim would be subbing, blossoms third down, giggs headlining NME and marshmello on the dance. Marshmello makes sense, but other than that I think on they have just chucked stuff in randomly for this day. At this point I'm pretty sure Blossoms will be 4th down on Main. Can't see them being bumped all the way up to third down. Yes they are hyped, but they haven't won awards or imo as hyped to the same extent that Royal Blood were when they played. Can't see Haim being a big enough name to sub, play third down or headline the NME (compared to whats on the other days). They've done nothing for a couple of years and were subbing NME last year (and if anything people care less about them since, if we knew the new album would be out beforehand then maybe otherwise). Giggs definitely hasn't gone from 6th down NME to NME headline in one year.
  8. Giggs played at 4:20pm last time, I get that the 1xtra stage is smaller a bumb from 4pm to 9pm or however late it would be doesn't seem too silly. People also insisted Fatboy Slim would be an NME headliner and we know thats not true now too. EDIT: To put that in context that is 6th down on the NME
  9. Are you not a fan of their music or them live? They are one of the best people I have ever seen live so (I do like their music though so who knows) Giggs headlined the 1xtra stage in 2014 soooo.
  10. My guess is that day is: Main: MUSE Unknown Unknown (Chance The Rapper?) Blossoms NME: Unknown (Run The Jewels?) Haim RTJ and Haim could be switched, not sure which is bigger. Guessing that Halsey is then headlining the Festival Republic Stage and Giggs headlining the 1xtra. Could be a different combination but it would be such a weak day otherwise (though I guess that could make sense as imo Muse is probably a bigger draw than Kasabian so they can have a weaker lineup as they'll carry that day more.)
  11. I can't see Blossoms playing higher than The Wombats did last year
  12. The one thing that keeps worrying me is that, although that line up is weak, I can't think of who would have those spaces that would want to not be announced yet. There is no way I can see Haim/blossoms/giggs in any of the slots I previously mentioned, but people like Royal Blood, 21 pilots, the kooks etc. have no reason why they wouldnt have just been announced last time EDIT: Based on the GSS announcement it is pretty likely Run The Jewels will be headlining the NME on that day, but again I ain't really sure why they weren't announced last time
  13. Flume is likely to be headlining the NME stage on Sunday at Leeds. The main gaps imo are all on the Friday at Leeds - Main sub & third, NME headliner. If I had to guess I would put chance thrid down main, but maybe NME headliner too.
  14. Didn't know where else to put them (wanted them as a sub but couldn't see them subbing Kendrick or Arctic Monkeys, and didnt want too much dnb on Monday). Plus can you imagine how amazing that show would be in that tent, would be the dream.
  15. My guess as to what it may be. Surprisingly hard to figure out the undercard on the main stage nowadays imo...