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  1. 2017 festival

    They definitely wont be that late. At least 4th down but probably even lower than that
  2. 2017 festival

    Wolf Alice can't preform in that slot due to their tour. However, what has been suggested previously is that they may be doing a set on the Saturday. There is spare space of the FR tent that day so if they are doing a set (which seems less likely as we haven't had a teaser like the prettyboys) it will probably be there
  3. 2017 festival

    Yeah thats the set on the NME that looks like it will be either Royal Blood or QOTSA atm
  4. 2017 festival

    Set times are out on monday
  5. 2017 festival

    I agree that leans towards a Royal Blood secret set, so I don't really expect QOTSA to be there. This is probably just a regular radio interview and not a tease if I had to guess (although if they were both there that would be amazing)
  6. 2017 festival

    Sweet be wanting to see Liberty Ship for a while now, really like their newer stuff
  7. 2017 festival

    TBH if QOTSA have the secret set I think it's very unlikely Royal Blood wil do one and will also make them very unlikely for headliner next year imo. Though I'd be suprised if that were the case
  8. Lineup 2018

    Best: Paramore, Daft Punk, Kendrick Worst: 21P, Florence, Kasabian
  9. 2017 festival

    TBH I'm really stuck on the Saturday evening on whether to go and see Noisia or Glass Animals. Leaning more towards Noisia atm as I've heard such great things about their Outer Edges show but I really dunno atm. I would guess FR stage on the Saturday if at all. Though there was also the NBT rumour so who really knows. A secret set every day would be very neat tho
  10. 2017 festival

    TBH this year was really hard for fests imo. Community had a great line up for something so cheap, and imo Wireless felt like it was a much more cohesive festival (previously its kinda just had a bit of everything but focusing it on hip-hop was a great move imo). Other than that everything has been pretty meh. Lots of my friends arent going to any this year cause nothing has that great of a lineup. Even Glastos lineup looked lackluster this year imo
  11. 2017 festival

    In terms of acts I'm most excited for: 1. Flume - Been wanting to see him forever, plus hes on late on the NME so hopefully his light show will be amazing. 2. Fickle Friends - Saw them last year and they are so damn good live. Plus I'm hoping I'll get to hear some new stuff from their album they are working on. 3. Sundara Karma - Really wanted to see them last year but slept through their set lol. 4. The Amazons - Pretty great debut imo and I always hear great thing about them live so. 5. EDEN - Been following him for a while, quite small alt-pop band with lost of electronic elements thrown in and a really dope voice. 6. Oh Wonder - Really like these guys. Their debut was amazing with minimalist production and kind of alt-rocky/electronic vibe. Their sophmore was pretty disappointing though. 7. King No-One - Never heard of them before this line up but I really dig their song Alcatraz. 8. Mura Masa - Again someone I have wanted to see for ages. Like Oh Wonder, not the biggest fan of his new album but his debut was stunning. 10. Liam Gallagher - TBH I really liked Wall Of Glass and I'll be interested to see how he goes down. Kinda of a make or break moment for him.
  12. 2017 festival

    I mean
  13. 2017 festival

    Currently they are missing a NME fri, FR Sat and Lock Up on Sun. Maybe Royal Blood on the Fri, Wolf Alice on the sat and NBT on the sun if that rumour from before about NBT playing was true.
  14. 2017 festival

    Wondering if maybe there will be multiple secret sets this year then? Especially as if Wolf Alice are doing one then I believe it has to be on the Saturday, which is already the fullest day
  15. Lineup 2018

    Kendrick will definitely be headlining next time he plays R+L. Not convinced QOTSA are likely for headliner either