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  1. Ha ha! Thanks for understanding!!! I can't get anything done as check, check, checking!!!!! ......number 2
  2. Thankyou!!!! I'm becoming hysterical aren't I !!!! Massive respect to you for all your help with this
  3. Hi, as I never really imagined I would get anywhere near the top of the list, I never really considered payment methods.....don't really understand ESCROW??? Could someone please explain??? Thanks from Dumbass of Lincs!!!
  4. Hi!!! IThanks to you, I've made it to number 8 on the list ............. I'm TERRIFIED I'll miss out as can't answer phone or txt at work as nursing. What sort of timescale will I have to respond??? Please!!!............and sorry to be so needy
  5. Hi, if poss could I please be added to the list of folks needing East campervan passes, apologies if I'm not following etiquette , I've got no wifi and can barely see this on my phone. Thankyou in anticipation