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  1. Plastic Bottle Ban?

    I am a bit worried about how it affects some of the ways we do Glastonbury - e.g. How to bring spirits in, what to do about the mixers....and of course the Lenor bottle. Nonetheless, it's something Glastonbury should be looking at because there is always a lot of plastic waste on site, and realistically, I should be more concerned about the future of the planet than whether I have to find an alternative 3am tent toilet! The good thing is that it already has us all thinking about how we will get round our plastic use for that week in June. It is definitely a challenge!
  2. I am aware I have become a bit evangelical about Sziget but I do think it could offer what you're looking for. More Glastonbury than specifically SE corner, but it does have a great World stage just next to a wonderful little glade with a Reggae/Afro/Latin stage. It's a really international festival so The West Holts vibe is definitely there. Its as varied to explore as Glastonbury, although not as big (bigger than most festivals tho) It has a terrific chill out zone near a kind of 'beach' at one end of the island, it has a number of different dance stages. It has cabaret/theatre/circus like Glastonbury and it even has a classical stage. As you walk in you may be hit by how much more commercial it is, but that really makes no difference to the overall experience once you begin to immerse yourself. Beautiful Budapest, great weather... The line up, even big names, carry on being announced right through to June, but it's already looking pretty good.
  3. The most lovely thing about working is being on site ahead of everyone else.
  4. I've just had a bit of a Google and I can't see it either at the moment, but yes, I think they do only do Glastonbury so they might have gone quiet with it being a fallow year. They definitely do it regularly. The link will probably start to appear later in the year. Registration is in about February of the year it's on. You sign up your interest, and then they email when it's time to sign up. You only get a couple of days notice and you have to be ready at about 10 am on a work day to be sure of getting a place. You have to go and do a one day training session. You pay a £300 deposit to Shelter because the deal is that Avalon Bars give them £300 for every member of bar staff that complete their shifts. They basically insure that donation with your deposit. Oxfam also have a large deposit so that means that signing up for both can be costly - there is a cut off date for your money back too. Oxfam do quite a wide range of tasks but they don't do bars. (You wouldn't have liked working a bar on that Wednesday either - tents are not shade, they are ovens)
  5. I actually do like the Bestival line up - I think it's got character - not just a list of the obvious.
  6. I know nothing about volunteering at Boomtown bars and am intending to do an Oxfam run of Boomtown, Bestival and Beautiful Days to ensure I'm set up for a Glastonbury ticket next year (taking most of August off my day job and throwing myself into it!) I did do bar work at the last Gkastonbury with Shelter though. It is hard work and total chaos, be prepared to work in a bar where things stop working and drinks run out with regularity to add to its charm. BUT - it's 3 X 8 hour shifts over the 5 days - which does leave plenty of time to enjoy the festival. I had an awful shift pattern that fell entirely in the weekend but still had a great time and would do it again. The reasons I'd go for Oxfam though are that their duties (parking/wristbanding etc) are more weighted towards the festival lead up, whereas bar work is more weighted towards the main festival days. Also - Shelter insist on you travelling with them so you have to camp - no caravan/camper an option, and limited choice of travel times. I have 2 friends who work Oxfam stewarding and they have now got to a point where they are so established that their shifts are never on music days! For both though you get good camping with showers and free food. It's a good way of maximising your festivalling for minimal costs.
  7. I've only done Sziget but thoroughly recommend it. Michael Eavis said it was the most like Glastonbury. It has lots of hidden areas and a massive range of music. Budapest is fantastic. The camping is shady with lots of options but it's also easy and cheap to stay in the city. Fantastic international atmosphere. It's cheap when you are there too - about £2.50 a pint and £4.50 a cocktail.
  8. Nos Alive in Lisbon. We booked before any of the line up was announced because the combination of a beach/city break with a festival with a decent pedigree suited us. It seems to be picking up a lot of the same line up as Mad Cool, and strangely, a lot of bands who we haven't seen before, or haven't seen for a long time - so it's working out well! Iam also thinking of trying to work 3 festivals with Oxfam to give me Glastonbury priority next year in case I don't get a ticket. - due to the constraints of other commitments I am going to try to do Bestival, Boomtown and Beautiful Days on consecutive weekends in August and just take pretty much the whole month off if the boss will let me!
  9. Mad Cool 2018

    Good grief! Why can't they just refund the difference?
  10. Sziget Festival 2018

    I think it being on flat park land, with good weather but plenty of shade when it's really hot, makes it a much easier festival physically than I am used to.
  11. Sziget Festival 2018

    @conorC - I think you would struggle to camp because the best spots would be gone & you could end up with no shade or on a mad slope! Othere than that - the best headliners can be any day - except the last night when it is always a crap DJ! (Although we have had the best time at The World Stage both years for the finale - there is something magical about being in a crowd for a band you've never heard of, singing in a language you don't understand, with a crowd who know every word!)
  12. Sziget Festival 2018

    Tbf - the festival doesn't really get going til about 4pm so there is always an opportunity to trip into Budapest earlier on one or two of the days even if you like the headliners every day!
  13. Sziget Festival 2018

    @curlyjake It's actually fantastic to stay in the city because it's such a beautiful charismatic city and I actually feel you miss out a bit by being on site! (This as a 30 year Glastonbury camper who thinks it's all part of the fun usually!) transport in Budapest is good. The train to Filatorigat next to the festival runs all night. If you need a second train to your apartment you may struggle more later on, but instead of queueing for a taxi on site - go to Filatorigat and head one stop back towards the city - there are always a few taxis there. The queues on site get long, and although we never did this, we saw the short train hop to a taxi as a good potential way to get home last year. To get the best combination of festival and city I recommend centring your accommodation search in Margrit Hid (Margaret Bridge). You can get the train back to there all night, but it is also only a short walk from the city centre bars, restaurants etc. The boat also always goes to and from there but is more hit & miss for other stops. Having said that - we loved staying near Petofi square - it's so close to the city stuff, and it was fine on the train. One day we needed to flit home during the day band it was actually a shorter round trip on the train to the city and back that the time it would have taken me to get from The Pyramid to my tent and back at Glastonbury! Don't fall into the trap of staying as close as possible to the festival though - it's a pretty soulless part of town. Last year we stayed in fabulous apartments right across the river from Sziget, but we missed the Budapest buzz of our first year, and to top it off, it took as just as long to get there once we had to head down river for a bridge! The city pass is a marvellous thing. It's a wristband so you never have to worry about having it with you. As well as getting you everywhere you need to go all week, you get one free visit to a Spa, and reduced entry thereafter, as well as other sightseeing discounts. our favourite Spa is on Margrit Sziget - Ther are more spectacular old ones architecturally, but this is a new one with an amazing range of pools - swimming, waves, fountains, play, slides, thermal - all set in landscaped gardens. The island itself is lovely too with some great places to eat on the riverside. (I almost wish I hadn't put that because the traditional spas get very packed but this one didn't) Its hot in Budapest in summer - don't be fooled by it not being in the med - it's hot, camping is hot. Those who have camped seem to have found that the more expensive options look great but are right next to some of the all night noisier parts of the site. Hope this is helpful - we are dong Nos for the first time this year, but Sziget was our first festival abroad and we loved it so much that we'd booked for the following year before we even got home from our first one. Still - it is important to try different things, but I will be jealous of everyone at Sziget next year! Do it!
  14. Sziget Festival 2018

    Boomtown and Sziget are usually the same weekend but I know Bohemian Betyars managed to do both in 2016. They have a video on YouTube of them getting to both festivals!
  15. NOS Alive 2018

    We're now all signed up for this one too. Apartment, flights and tickets all booked now! Somehow we ended up going for this ahead of really knowing who might play, but the combination of a great city with beaches alongside a festival with a decent line up history swung it and we just decided to go for it! I love Wolf Alice, and was really hoping that whatever festival I rocked up at next year might give us The Arctic Monkeys - so fingers crossed!