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  1. Sziget Festival 2017

    Last year (2016) we stayed at Central Studios and apartments at Regi Posta near the middle of Budapest. The flats are really spacious and basically but adequately equipped. The owners were really helpful with our arrangements. We got it off Booking.com at a really good price (about £300 for 10 days although I guess it'd be a bit more now). The flat we were in would have slept 4-5 or even 6 comfortably. This year we had an air bnb which was right across the river from the festival, but it turned out to be just as long to get there! overall - we preferred our first location. It is great to be in the middle of Budapest and experience that as well as the festival on a daily basis. You can get the boat up the river which is a spectacular way to get to the festival. You may need to get a taxi at least part of the way back but we usually managed to weave our way back by some combination of public transport and walking. (Although as a tip, the best way to get a taxi is to get the train from Filatorigat at the festival for just one stop back towards the city and then pick up a cab - it saves the crazy queues at the festival itself) The area around central studios and apartments has some great bars, restaurants, an aldi & tescos to pick up provisions, and it is right by the river. You can pick up trains and trams as well as the boat. The train is actually really quick even though you have a couple of changes on route. On our first day we were under prepared for some (unusual) bad weather and decided we needed to actually go back and change - it actually took less time than nipping back to our tent at Glastonbury! you will love this festival - it takes a day or so to click into its groove, especially with being off site, but once you and it gets going, it's got a tremendous vibe and loads to see and do.
  2. Beyond The Tracks

    To be fair it only seems to have drastically undersold on Sunday, as the reduced ticket offer would have gone in more directions if they were concerned about Friday and Saturday. Many festivals have to take a little hit in the first couple of years whilst they build their reputation, and the feedback on this one is good enough to build their reputation. I know some people thought £45 was too much, I don't know how easily they could put it on for less. For me, knowing Leftfield would cost that much on their own was enough to send me there on Friday. Did Sunday have the same kind of pull? It will be a shame to move it though, as I really liked the city centre, slightly gritty location next to the railway line. I did feel very proud of Birmingham though because it was such a lovely crowd!
  3. Beyond The Tracks

    Some people complained that the toilet queues were too long. Although they seemed lengthy, they moved fast, and the toilets themselves stayed in good nick throughout. I've certainly seen much worse queues, and far worse toilets elsewhere! However, the festival have immediately responded by putting more toilets in for the remainder of the weekend! That's how you do organisation - good to see Brum managing this after some of the other festival derailments earlier in the summer! The ground held up well yesterday despite some heavy downpours throughout the day, but I would say the grass has gone at the front and it could get slippy. They have also put on their Facebook that you can take food and soft drinks in - so show security the Facebook page if they try to take this stuff off you!
  4. Beyond The Tracks

    We had a tremendous time there tonight. The 2 stages are actually right next to each other and only exist so that the vibe doesn't drop during the changeover. The stage times indicated an overlap but every act on the bill was there to be seen.e The atmosphere was lovely. There was a good amount of space, but this was added to by everyone's willingness just to let people past them. If you want to be nearer the front - go on! I think it benefitted from maybe being a little undersold. Everyone was really smiley, friendly and generally just up for a good time. The craft beer/cider bar was great and it was brilliant to have 3 different good ciders on offer. There seemed to be a good variety of drinks on offer. Queues for beers and toilets weren't unreasonable. Toilets stayed immaculate today from my experience! i really hope this takes off and we see it back next year. Loved it. Bring on The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy!
  5. Beyond The Tracks

    To be fair - I think I will cope better with rainy Brum than that couple of days when it was 38 degrees over there!
  6. Beyond The Tracks

    I would say that you need least trainers with some grip. I don't think it's too boggy, but I think it's likely to be pretty slippy, especially once a lot of people have arrived and trodden the ground in.
  7. Clash regrets...I've got a few

    Don't worry about it! If you have queued for 20 minutes for a drink, it's pretty annoying when the barstaff rule out everything down to your 5th choice - running out of lemonade does limit your options, and gin and tonic doesn't even count as a posh drink - the frozen magueritas, Prosecco, and Pimms were the ones that really fried my brain! At least you weren't the women who called me a 'f***ing retarded bitch' for the bar not having small bottles of non-diet coke! I am glad you had a good time at Sasha & Digweed, and hope I helped to contribute in some way by eventually treasure hunting some form of alcoholic refreshment behind that bloody bar!
  8. Beyond The Tracks

    I have been sent a link for £25 Sunday tickets on the basis that I bought tickets for Friday. I can forward the link if anyone wants to pm me their email address.
  9. Acts you don't "get"

    There are a number of bands that fall in the range of being a music type that I like, and I think they do it well, I even sort of like a few of the tunes, but they absolutely fail to move me & I can never be bothered to see them live, and when I have tried, I have realised pretty instantaneously that I am just not interested Foos, Muse, Kings of Leon, Biffy Clyro........it's not actually that I don't like them, I just can't get excited about them.
  10. Sziget Festival 2017

    For the last few years Mr Amfy has become a bit paranoid about going into the middle, or to the front of crowds, which can often leave us on the edge of things. For Pink we were too far on the edge of things to begin to enjoy it, so for The Vaccines I convinced him that we would be OK because there are doors out all the way down and we ended up really far forward and had a great time despite it being meltingly hot. The upshot of this was we went for it and ended up just a couple of people from the front for Kasabian and had an amazing time during their set. Sometimes a set of circumstances come together to make something perfect, and that chain of events did that for Kasabian. Weirdly, even the band appeared completely blown away by the crowd - wandered up and down for ages taking the applause and throwing things into the crowd, and I noticed afterwards that they tweeted far more clips from Sziget than any other gig of recent times. After that I think we had peaked. We enjoyed the Courteeners, and randomly, a Hungarian Johnny Cash tribute act who also covered 'Living on a Prayer', 'Highway to Hell' and 'Doesn't matter if you're black or white' in the style of Johnny Cash. We decide to take Sunday off and go to Budapest and a beach, but the weather didn't really suit the beach. So we went to the beach on Monday, but our journey there took ages and by the time we got home it wasn't worth heading in. (Our boat stopped and they got the passengers to unload all of the old furniture and bring new furniture on! Basically - we helped to undertake a refurb of the boat mid trip - these are the crazy moments that make Hungary special though!) So - back in for the last day and we had a fantastic day, refreshed by a couple of days doing other stuff. We watched Birdy who is excellent but obviously a bit downbeat and then just wandered randomly. We ended the festival with Leningrad who are typical Sziget fun - about 30% of the crowd singing passionately to somethig which sounds quite traditional of their country, and the other 70% just enjoying their passion and joining in with the jumping up and down, clapping, waving hands in the air and bizarre dancing. I think this is the true spirit of Sziget and it always makes me smile to be in these crowds. We ended at the reggae stage where a young girl was waiting ages to be served at the bar and we repeatedly pointed to her until she got served, then Mr Amfy just put his card on the reader and bought her drink. The barman saw what we did, and as a payback for our random act of kindness, he made out doubles into half a glass! I have a major headache this morning! If we come again we will pay more to come once the line up has ticked some boxes for us, not because I hated the line up this year, but because we can't keep doing it every year. We would also definitely return to staying in the city. Staying across the river from the festival didn't really help our journey as we still needed to travel downstream first to get across, and we really missed the buzz of the centre. Like @thetime I would still recommend this festival to anyone, and be really jealous when they are here and I am not! Back to the beach on Margit Sziget today for us - I think it may be busy though!
  11. Sziget Festival 2017

    Had a tremendous day again today. The Bohemian Betyars were immense again this year and tore up The World Stage. manged to get right near the front for Kasabian who were possibly the best I have seen them, and they were seriously blown away by the crowd and really I enjoyed themselves. Also looking forward to some slightly cooler weather coming in,a though I also want to stay good enough for a return visit to the lido on Margisziget - that's as a top day out!
  12. Sziget Festival 2017

    My experience so far is that we were really disappointed with the sound for Pink. We made the mistake of arriving through the main drag and just got in a bottleneck and we're stuck over to the right side. We could barely hear her over people's conversations. It was so frustrating to be able to tell it was a great show and yet actually feel like we weren't even there! I was even more annoyed because I had tried to find our way to enter from the other side but misjudged it! Straight after the show, I found the path I was looking for and will definitely be coming in that way for Kasabian tonight! Yesterday was better - watched some Hungarian music whilst lying out in the sun before heading acros for Biffy who is not really my thing but I thought was tremendous. Our headliner was The Vaccines in the A38. I have seen them twice at Glastonbury and once at their own gig but I have never seen such a fantastically energetic performance from them and they went down brilliantly from where I was in the crowd. The best I have ever seen them! So so hot in that tent! ......but there was no way we were coming out of there before they finished! It went in a flash! Last year at my first Sziget, I thought that it was us who took a couple of days to settle into the festival vibe, but now I see that maybe the festival itself is like this. There seemed to be a lot of angsty uptight people about on Wednesday night, but by yesterday everyone was feeling far more chilled. I don't know - maybe people are still a little stress from long journeys on the first day? ......or maybe it is us and I am just reflecting how I felt onto others!
  13. Sziget Festival 2017

    Have a good journey! we're also setting off tomorrow but flying from Birmingham via Munich. We should be in our digs in Budapest by about 5.30 tomorrow evening. Looking forward to music and sunshine and friendly Sziget people again!
  14. Sziget Festival 2017

    To be fair that is a really good 'like for like' replacement at is late stage. I'm more likely to see Iggy as she's a bit livelier imo.
  15. Sziget Festival 2017

    To be fair I thought that last year - as I went through the Spotify links there was nothing that inspired me, but then most of what I loved ended up being from smaller stages - bands that didn't feature on the app, or bands that were on the app but not with any sound. You won't find much from The World, Blues, Reggae or new stages playing on the app - but you can pass hours at any of these listening to some great sounds.