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  1. 2017 festival

    Don Broco over Vince any day. Vince would only be good for his "Ascension" song with the Gorillaz. A friend of mine saw him at Demon Dayz fest and said that he pretty much mimed his whole set.
  2. 2017 festival

    Probably just a rumour. But there's confirmation that Em's first single will feature P!nk nevertheless, with her playing V this weekend, could be around for Reading/Leeds shows?
  3. 2017 festival

    So is it 100% QOTSA for Reading?? If so, fuck yeahhhhhh!
  4. Boardmasters 2018

    Crowd for the lips weren't too big but weren't too bad of a show, a lot of youngsters just waiting for TDCC. Then again youngsters spent most their time in the dance tents anyway, was always rammed in there!
  5. Boardmasters 2018

    Here we go! Time to get ready for Boardmasters 2018! Expect the dates to be 8th-12th August. So, headliner predictions?
  6. Boardmasters 2017

    Previous two years I just brought vodka in the Tesco Flavored Sparkling Water bottles and stuck it along with packets of crisps, sausage rolls and other snacks and they didn't mind at all. Their main focus is confiscating drugs and making sure nothing dangerous gets allowed in, vodka isn't on the top of their minds
  7. 2017 festival

    When abouts do we find out about the secret set?
  8. Boardmasters 2017

    Yes! Been the case the 3 previous years I've been... So we'll have: (Friday) Andy C and Slaves clashing..... hard choice but I do have to go and see Slaves again, insane live! (Saturday) Jake Bugg and Gorgon City clashing, another hard choice (Sunday) DJ Shadow and Armand Van Helden, not too sure about Shadow headlining LoS, would've thought Sunset Sons would've been a perfect fit to headline the stage. Don't see them being a secret act two years running as well. Was hoping for ABOF to be 3rd/4th on main stage... shame they're potentially clashing with Stormzy going into Alt-J as were really interested in seeing them.
  9. Boardmasters 2017

    This week bud. (Don't count me on that but it should be this week, if not then next week latest!)
  10. Boardmasters 2017

    You're allowed to bring a 24 crate in (cans only) and they don't really care if you sneaks spirits in too.
  11. 2017 festival

    That's a good shout. It seems they are free for R&L! My bets still on a Royal Blood though.
  12. 2017 festival

    Pins added to main stage for Sunday.
  13. 2017 festival

    Sigrid will be a good watch
  14. Boardmasters 2017

    Definitely this month. Won't expect any exciting additions but we might get more for the beach sessions. Still hoping for a Sunset Sons appearance!