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  1. WWE

    She's getting fired
  2. A lot more chilled than most festivals. It's a great vibe really, it was a bit manic when I first went but then after going uo more festivals it's one of the more relaxed ones to camp in.
  3. De La Soul announced for House of Commons day after festival finishes... possibility??
  4. Korn have announced several support acts for their summer tour (in Americs though...) Any of these acts good for RnL at all? Yelawolf could definitely be a possibility now considering his album Trial By Fire is due to come out anytime soon... Are Skillet too big to headline The Pit/Lockdown? Stone Sour would be nice to see.
  5. Just heard it and really enjoyed it! Hopefully the album is perfect, be nice to hear some new material at BM.
  6. Boardmasters is a great festival for people your age, it's not as bad as it's portrayed to be and this is my 4th year going, my first being only 15 years old! You guys should be fine for sure! The environment and people there are fantastic!
  7. I've only just recently turned 18, attending my first Reading fest last year. When I was 12/13, I used to look at all these old lineups wishing I could've experienced those particular festivals. I'm into more of the old school style of music which is why Reading can catch my eye most of the time. Once RHCP were announced last year, I used my first ever pay cheque to pay for Reading and damn it was the best experience of my life! I don't see how people can see how having younger people at a festival are a problem TBH, most the people my age are usually just in it for the drugs, but they'd attend different festivals such as Nass and Boomtown for that, but with my group of mates just in it for the music, Reading was a top choice and I can't wait to come back this year!
  8. Presumably end of March, start of April.
  9. Speak of the devil, he's just been announced for Latitude! Never say never.
  10. He was great last year, had never really checked him out beforehand and heard good stuff about him and I was blown away! Would love to have seen him back TBH. Only festival he seems to be doing this year is Coachella unfortunately.
  11. Any chance of Jack Garratt coming back this year do you guys reckon?
  12. Sean Paul is a joke. Heard he was quite rubbish at Bestival last year. Just puts me off in general really, not the sort of music I'd listen to (out of choice).
  13. Just don't reckon they could really sell tickets by themselves really
  14. Chance would be absolutely incredible! I just hope he won't clash with anyone else I'd love to see!
  15. Foo Fighters / BMTH + Royal Blood (if they are at this years festival, then I'd go with 1975) / Florence and the Machine