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  1. The Gaming Thread

    Just bagged a SEGA Mega Drive w/ 80 games included in the Black Friday madness at Argos. £35 bangin'!
  2. Football 17/18

    Bizarre lad. At work last week I had to liaise with his team who wanted to hire one of our theatres for his live show. No thank you!
  3. Football 17/18

    Would love another game against Iceland and a chance to right some wrongs!
  4. Taylor Swift

    Got round to listening. Initial thoughts... ...Ready For It - HIT. This is a good album opener. It actually reminds me of I Knew You Were Trouble. I hated it at first but now I think it's a good tune. That happens every time I listen to Taylor Swift. When Shake It Off came out I thought it was awful for about a week until it clicked. End Game - MISS. The old Taylor can't come to the phone right now because she's embarrassed that future (pun lol) Taylor is doing this. I Did Something Bad - HIT. Taylor said a swear word. This song reminds me of something from Chicago. I like it. It had to be a good tune to wipe the stain of the last one from my memory. Don't Blame Me - HIT. Not strong enough to be a single but definitely good enough to be on the record thanks to a dark, catchy chorus. Delicate - MISS. Not into the lyrics at all. The reputation taking a beating thing, just no. Idc. LWYMMD - HIT. Absolute banger. If I was still a student I'd be at Heaven on a Friday night spending my loan, getting fucking wild with this song. I suppose thats the Right Said Fred sample influence. So It Goes - MISS. Forgettable, filler track. Gorgeous - HIT. I like the writing on this one but the song reminds me of when she takes an old one and gives it the 1989 treatment. Still good though. Getaway Car - HIT. Another album track but far better than End Game and So It Goes. King of My Heart - MISS. Didn't really get into it. Dancing With Our Hands Tied - HIT. I actually think this is one of the tracks from this record that will sound great live in an arena. Dress - HIT. Big fan of this one. Tay Tay getting sexy, what's not to like (apart from the rumours its about Ed Sheeran)? This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things - MISS SO HARD IT HITS. @Zac Quinn summed it up perfectly. It's pantomime at its best. I swerved it hard on the first listen but then succumbed to its ridiculousness thereafter. One of those love to hate, hate to love songs. Call It What You Want - HIT. A good single and some classic Swift songwriting on the verses. Nice stuff. New Years Day - HIT. If you weren't thinking about the old Taylor you definitely are now. This sounds like something from a session for Red or a bonus track for Speak Now. Great end to the record. I think its a good pop record. A completely different direction to previous releases but thats fine. There's some absolute stinkers if you compare them to her finer moments but oh well. A lot of the older stuff will rank above this but it's still a good album and I know with each listen it will grow on me. In a weeks time I'll probably think its genius.
  5. Football 17/18

    True but you can only play what's in front of you and in this moment it was Germmy and Brazil in friendlies. Pickford and Hart both made some good saves and were alert when players got through while the defenders I think performed proudly in both games. Like you said, we're yet to see if that will translate into the summer when it really matters.
  6. Football 17/18

    Solanke definitely looked up for it. Different type of striker to Tammy. He was chasing down everything and getting stuck in whereas Tammy is more of an off the ball forward with good movement that creates chances to poach a goal. RLC wasn't as strong but he was definitely carrying an injury there. He just needs regular football to get his body up to speed but that shouldn't be a problem. Livermore didn't impress as much and I thought Dier played fairly negatively. There wasn't a lot of forward passing but then again our movement was rubbish so options were limited. I thought Gomez faired much better than on his debut against Germany. Not sure if it was a MOTM performance but yeah. Fair play to the defence. Not conceding a single goal against decent Germany and Brazil sides is a solid achievement. Hopefully when our best attacking players are back to full fitness we'll offer more going forward. Reasons to be positive though.
  7. Football 17/18

    The squad would be fairly similar I've just sacked off Gomez, Lingard, Young and Cork. You're not gonna call up Lewis Cook instead of Dele Alli or Dominic Solanke instead of Harry Kane are you? To be fair you're probably right about Hart, who would likely get the nod which makes no sense to me, I'd much rather Pickford. I suppose what I mean is, I think the likes of Abraham are more likely to be picked under Southgate than say Walcott and Sturridge for example. Which is not something that would have happened in the past.
  8. Football 17/18

    Read in the papers today that Southgate said if the World Cup was tomorrow he'd pick the same squad he's picked for these friendlies. Obviously the likes of Kane, Alli, Henderson etc would be fit so a few would miss out but... I genuinely believe him. The way he talks about youth is different to the coaches we've had in the past and he's not afraid to put his money where his mouth is. Just for fun, if the World Cup was tomorrow and all our lads were fit. I'd go for the following 23 man squad... GK - Hart, Pickford, Heaton DF - Cahill, Stones, Jones, Maguire, Keane, Trippier, Rose, Walker, Bertrand MF - Henderson, Alli, Sterling, Lallana, Dier, RLC, Livermore, FW - Kane, Vardy, Rashford, Abraham As for the 7 spaces in the provisional list which don't make the final cut but can act as emergency back ups prior to the first game... Butland, Smalling, Gray, Barkley, Winks, Sturridge, Welbeck
  9. Football 17/18

    Yeah. It's easy to forget he's yet to turn 23 because he's been playing in the Premier League for six years or whatever. I used to give him a bit of grief to be fair. I thought he was wasteful and often his decision making in the final third let him down. 2 goals for England is poor given his obvious talent but the lad looks the part this season, you're right. I know he won't be as explosive in the England side but if he can carry even a bit of that confidence into the attack for the national team it would be great. Ever the optimist, me.
  10. Football 17/18

    Crazy to think that was almost four years ago. Sterling is playing well this season and really starting to kick on now, so hopefully he can take that form into the World Cup and give us something to celebrate this time around. edit: also lads, I'd book 16th June '18 off work and reserve a table at your local right now. Four World Cup matches in one day, 11am, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm.
  11. Football 17/18

    Fairly indifferent about Italy missing out. At least we won't have to play them again in the group stage again and fool ourselves by believing that Raheem Sterling scored three minutes in with a wonder strike before going mad in the pub, spilling our drinks everywhere and jumping around only to look like utter tits when we realised it hit the side netting. We also won't have to watch Wayne Rooney take a corner against them and kick it directly out of play. This was one of the most painful moments of a very painful 2014 WC campaign...
  12. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    I loved a couple of their records and considered Science Fiction album of the year material but I don't really want to discuss it or give any of it the time of day any time soon. Whether or not we're fans of the work is so unimportant in comparison to the conversations we should be having. That's not me digging you out by the way because my first thought this morning was with regards to Science Fiction but then I checked myself and realised it's lack of relevance at this moment. There are far more important matters at hand. Like you said, lets hope the victims are offered the support they deserve.
  13. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Yep and the way they talk about the sexual assault in their statements, is like they forgot to lock the front door when they went to work in the morning 'Whoops that was silly, I'll have to remind myself not to do that again'. No big deal really... Anyone found guilty of committing these acts should (in addition to whatever punishment is dished out) be put on some sort of compulsory course to check themselves and address their actions because they clearly don't understand / haven't acknowledged the weight of what they've been doing. I'm getting pretty sick of people who have a privileged role in society playing the victim when it's themselves who have used their power and position to abuse others.
  14. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    I know this is in the wrong thread but I don't know where else its been discussed. Really disappointed in Jesse Lacey. I feel for the girl who came forward and for anyone who had to suffer as a consequence of his selfish actions. Props to her for having the courage to speak out. I hope that her bravery encourages other victims to come forward with their experiences. It's clearly everywhere in the news at the moment and I think the powers that be should use that as an opportunity to send out the message that sexual assault / harassment is an unacceptable behavior that will not be tolerated. If they come down hard on it now, perhaps in the future we will see a change in attitudes and actions. Because until this point, it's clearly been epidemic.
  15. Taylor Swift

    Be great if Tay Tay could hurry up and get this on streaming sites so I could actually listen. Haven't got round to sitting down and giving it a spin, just been too busy! That says a lot about the atmosphere around the release because I'd have never previously missed a Swift record... Oh well, anyway. What do we reckon? I saw the SNL set and liked what she did with Call It What You Want!