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  1. Just go with the flow for sure! We went in about 9 ish through the wristbanding, security did full bag check, every pocket & my bumbag, they may ease off later but it only took a couple minutes. No queues at all from West, it's fab. The security check of van yesterday was quick, just looked in a couple of cupboards and checked the no glass same as last year to be honest. Came back to van around 2.30 shade free anywhere on site, going back in when sun calms itself down! Enjoy
  2. You'll be all good mate, they have enough space, much more organized than last year, vans all in rows with fire lanes between Safe journey, enjoy
  3. Its so hot down here
  4. Morning It's today woop woop! In Monty Bus with 74 miles to go
  5. 11am Sparkles & Love - see you there CG
  6. Right you lovely NFR NFCers, I'm checking out pretty soon ready for our early departure tomorrow. Safe travels to all. See you at the farm
  7. Wooohooo @mr gumby is in! It looks bloody glorious mate.
  8. So we're still on for:-
  9. The bus is packed, bar the fridge stuff not turning that on til morn. It's happening
  10. Leaving Stratford upon Avon at 9ish tomorrow, that's TOMORROW! Wooohooo Packing the Monty Bus up today, filling the fridge in the morning, chilled cider upon arrival Hoping for as easy run as last year, A46 to M5 down to Glastonbury town and trundling along the A361, then pop in for a pint at The Apple Tree if the CV West gates aren't open yet... Edit: 9ish in the am
  11. That's my plan
  12. Good morning on this very sunny Sunday morning. OH & I have 2, yes 2 sleeps until we leave So much to do but I'm trying to steady the nervous energy so I can enjoy the build up rather than let it overtake me and cause the anxiety/stress which can the shine off a bit. Being able to share my excitement with you guys has really helped me to stay relatively calm in real world so I thank you all Our weather God's seem to be playing nicely with us, our sacrifices and respect seem to have appeased them, all weather gear being packed into the Monty Bus, I'm not taking anything for granted Have a fabulous Sunday all Fingers still crossed for you MJ!
  13. Woooooooooooohooooooooooo
  14. It's the best I've found
  15. Lanacane anti chafing gel for all these problems