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  1. Congratulations @stuartbert two hats Good luck on the should be fine there's usually so much traffic on there that you'll prob not get out of 2nd gear
  2. Ok then a mini bottle of liquid soap (non antibac) just a lovely clean smelling liquid soap
  3. I put vinegar in the batter.... No comment on the whole northerners and gravy thing... Mayo on chips, cheesey chips etc etc ketchup too if you're feeling fancy Curry sauce can definitely fuck off The glasses are cool as fuck I'm out
  4. 100% recommend Bestival, awesome festival fun, new location so all new won't be as good as Bali though
  5. I picked it up from here too - the look of joy on people's faces when you squirt that clean, fresh liquid into their hands. I've taken it on to other festivals too, and the tap holding, it's the little things that brings us all together
  6. Mini bottles of antibacterial soap that hand sanitizer crap doesn't do the job!
  7. Helloooo I was wondering if you Cornish dwellers had survived the night, looks like noone was washed out to sea It's muggy as mug can be here in the middle, a slight warm dr*zzle in the air but no st*rms...there may have been th*nder & l*ghtening in the night but I was out for the count so no idea! I'm back at work tomorrow boo hiss next festival fun not until Sept for Bestival but I had news yesterday that some very good friends also booked to go so I'll be dancing in fields with old friends woop @Curlygirl tickets still available if your festival needs are still not fully met.. tis a long way for you though. Still washing festival attire and cleaning the is full of sequins & sparkles drying...and the glitter is everywhere, no matter how many times I vacuum Hope everyone if having a wonderful Wednesday
  8. Ok I'm sort of in bed... in pj's contemplating trying to sort the Monty Bus out So @bennyhana22 recommended H.V.O.B to see at Latitude, they were excellent, we were happily dancing away just outside Sunrise tent, in a lovely festival bubble, we decided to move a couple of feet inside the tent, the music was sublime, taking me to a whole new level...then .... 2mins dancing and I was sick, on the dance floor, I'm not proud, Ben would not have been proud, a middle aged women in a blue sequin cape should not shame herself in such a manner I staggered outside, kneeled down, puked again, this made OH also puke.. Had a 5 min lie down, got up and carried on partying - this I am proud of * note*: we used to go to a night called "Sick On The Dancefloor"
  9. Morning I'm a bit broken Latitude was fabulous. I'm going back to bed now.
  10. Morning from a warm but slightly d*mp Latitude, it's not r*ining but it may have done during the night... The app @dizzymoo is driving me mad already! The goddamn thing goes nuts buzzing away for no reason....on all our devices I think I may end up turning it off before the weekend is out, dread to think how much data the bastard will start sucking as soon as it starts notifying me of acts we'll probably be in the comedy tent for the best part of the day then after Dara O'Brien and quick run back to the Monty Bus for a glitter & sequin application then Goldfrapp Have a fabulous Friday all
  11. Morning Just setting off for Latitude for festival fun in the sun...hopefully sun Have a fab weekend everyone
  12. It's today it's today it's today!
  13. I'm in a constant state of excitement
  14. I now have a mini mission to find said Obelisk It's tomorrow woop woop
  15. This is truly amazing