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  1. Bestival 2017

    Friends had failed to show up at meeting point - we did catch up with them a few times later so all was well! I was a bit deflated so we wandered into The Box at the start of their set - it was a perfect way to start the festival - admittedly I'm not usually a Church goer but if Church was like that I think I'd be in regular attendance We're at the right-hand side of the screen... my sequins are a shining !
  2. Bestival 2017

    We were front rail Smogo for all! Could have easily danced together I totally lost my mind at Soulwax I loved 2016 - it was my 1st Bestival so had no previous years to compare it to but I agree it definitely had a homemade feel about it, which I love, i can just imagine the whole da Bank family knocking up the festival together - then to have the installations from previous years slotted in around site this year made it feel like Bestival not just some new festival on a new site. Spaceport was banging - ending with Fatboy Slim was, for me, perfect - the whole place just went nuts!
  3. Bestival 2017

    I'd love to write of review but I'm still too ruined ... Highlights: Oh My God Its The Church!, Charlotte Church's Pop Dungeon, Soulwax & the pixie/gnome looking dj in the Ambient Forest throwing his filthy electro beats - he made our Bestival last year too. Loved Caravansari - got involved in the midnight cabaret - can't remember which night - drank cocktails in a Waltzer & danced in a caravan. Ate the best dumplings from Feast Collective - had tea in a China cup & saucer from WI Tea Tent. I absolutely loved Bestival, again - new site is lovely - yeah it's hilly but it's fun running down the hills! All security were friendly and unobtrusive - I was searched once coming from CV fields on day 1 then sniffer dog on day 2 after that nothing of note. Definitely 100% will be back next year
  4. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    hello I'm ruined, Bestival absolutely ruined me, in the best way possible I ache more than I did after Glastonbury last year, I can't talk, voice fully gone. It was by far my fav festival this year - I'm so sorry Glastonbury, please be kind with tickets for 2019, I still love you Glastonbury! Met friends that we'd not seen for years, danced in mud, had some sunshine, made new friends, chatted to randoms, had so many hugs... Highlights - Oh My God Its The Church, Charlotte Church's Pop Dungeon, Soulwax & the pixie/gnome looking dj in the forest throwing about his filthy electro beats ... H & Yeti have the most wonderful time on Friday
  5. Bestival 2017

    And again we fucking loved Bestival...still are loving it! Still in CV field We'll def be back! Soulwax - absolutely outstanding Haven't had any issues on site, the whole thing running smoothly, any set times changes only added to the randomness of the festival 5 gold stars to the Bestival team, I couldn't be happier
  6. Bestival 2017

    Rob da Bank just tweeted - site reopened already It's awesome, different to IOW but stil a fabulous festival - we'll def be back regardless of location.
  7. Bestival 2017

    It has There are broken awnings all over the CV field... Sure it will reopen again soon...winds calming a bit now. As long as it's reopen for Soulwax at 7 Edit: we're watching Rick & Morty in the Monty Bus all is well
  8. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Morning Coming from a damp Bestival - it's flipping awesome though hiding out in the Monty Bus for a bit...will go out regardless of weather this avo for Soul ll Soul - if I could possibly ask for a couple of sacrifices that'd be smashing, thanks Cheers to H & Yeti and their wonderful new adventures. Congrats on retirement Guy. Loving the gin cocktails Lucy, I'm converted. Have a fabulous Friday one & all
  9. Justice out, Soulwax in!

    They can play the exact same set they played last year's Latitude and I'll be a happy bunny - totally blew me away
  10. Justice out, Soulwax in!

    I'm ecstatic about Soulwax Was kind of looking forward to seeing Justice but Soulwax are an above & beyond replacement in my opinion - obviously some will be gutted, which I can fully understand
  11. Weather/Mud

    Well I just bought yet another storm poncho so chances are we'll have a very sunny festival
  12. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Ah yes the sun cream! I've still got loads, I'm take 3 different types...will that be ok or do I need to actually buy more?
  13. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Just bought ANOTHER st*rm poncho to ensure good weather for Bestival have to appease those weather gods somehow!
  14. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Ooo Mexico, enjoy! Bestival has moved this year Lucy... not on IOW which is a bit sad because the crazy party ferry over was such fun, but its probably partly due to the inflated rates of the ferry companies that it has moved.. 3-4 times the usual rates, cheeky buggars,! But new site is where they have Camp Bestival so it should be lovely, there's a castle New site will feel like a whole new festival, lots of exploring to be done they've magically moved the Ambient Forest to the new site - gosh aren't they clever moving a whole forest... ok probably a different forest but heyho Hope your sore throat eases
  15. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Morning The sun has been shining here in the middle for 2 whole days be off with you Autumn, Summer us still here Bon voyage @mjsell happy adventuring to far off lands! Welcome @pauladam as Lucy says it tends to be a bit more chatty around these parts...as soon as peeps disagree on a food type, then the thread goes mental Hope you're feeling better soon @stuartbert two hats Wine tasting in Leeds @shuttlep ..whatever next a Japanese restaurant in Wakefield! Haha I say this as my friend went to a Japanese restaurant in Wakefield last night ... I was highly jealous for the cultured Shakespearean town I live in has no bloody Japanese and I love a Bento box. Who have I missed? Ah @lucyginger ... gin, gin is all I need to say to you and hugs It's Friday and I only have 6 more sleeps til Bestival, excitement is reaching peak overload, the app updated yesterday and Fleetmac Wood have been added so I can get my disco fix also we get to see an old group of friends that I haven't danced in fields with since Global Gathering 2010 so silliness is definitely on the menu Have a wonderful weekend you fabulous NFR NFC people