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  1. Fuck Me I'm excited !

    Same. Been going since 2010, though missed 2013. My excitement grows every year. Best place on earth.
  2. Weather 2017

  3. New security measures in place

    Would 11am on Wednesday still count as a peak time?
  4. 2010 vs 2016 - let's settle this once and for all!

    2010 was a struggle at times. 2016 was a struggle all of the time. Sun > mud.
  5. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    What sort of music does Thom play in his DJ sets? Was expecting the sort of glitchy stuff I find it impossible to dance to but that Once in a Lifetime mention has got me intrigued!
  6. Gorillaz

    Really? Last album was received somewhat lukewarmly admittedly but they always had a certain status that elevated them above the landfill, I thought. Though the mists of time and me being a massive fan might be skewing my recollection.
  7. I can't remember how much a camping chair is on site

    Got two for £15 last year.
  8. New security measures in place

    Sounds alright.
  9. Incident in London

    Who armed Saadam in the first place? And the Taliban. And the Saudis who are bombing the hell out of innocents in Yemen. We're up to our knees in this shit.
  10. So where do people think is best for camping...

    Bushy Ground feels too remote, as if you're pitched in a separate camping area like those at Reading, and V. And a bit too quiet for my tastes.
  11. Hidden Glastonbury

    He's suggesting that Jeremy Corbyn was a member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army.
  12. Hacienda Classical to open Pyramid Friday

    English born son of immigrants uses terrorist act perpetrated by English born son off immigrants to rant about immigration.
  13. Clashes

    The approaching fallow year is mellowing me somewhat with regards to clashes. Just going to enjoy it as much as possible without worrying about where else I could be.
  14. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Don't get sentimental. It always ends up drivel.
  15. SE corner changes

    Sorry for being a bit dense but what are 'the hexagons'? Been down there a few times but usually in a kind of fear and loathing type cognitive state.