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  1. Rock Werchter 2018

    I mean, there's still a thing called GMM at the end of June
  2. Rock Werchter 2018

    Metallica or Queens Of The Stoneage, but I think the first one
  3. Rock Werchter 2018

    As I've seen from a few people in the Primavera topic making one, I thought I'd make a poster myself but for Rock Werchter. I've tried to keep it realistic and balanced meaning enough pop, alt and rock ats with here and there some hiphop like this year. For Sunday, I had first Editors and Arctic Monkeys as biggest acts but I thought why not switch things a bit up and add Kendrick into this (bc of the rumours around Primavera) followed by Frank Ocean as a sub/co-headline.
  4. Pukkelpop 2017

    I bet they wait until Thursday is fully sold out to announce the last 5-ish names. It could be that they put someone from the other stages as a sub and have someone replace that spot in the tent. They did that with Halsey last year where they gave an upgrade to Lukas Graham. It could be that Stormzy / Vince Staples gets an upgrade to the Main.
  5. Pukkelpop 2017

    I'm subscribed to their email service and the amount of mails that I got over the past months that include "watch out, tickets are going fast! Don't be taken by surprise!" is almost painful. They've been saying it for months (since Rock Werchter basically sold out around april) and not a single word over how fast the combi's are selling. I'm not even sure if the demand for the day tickets for Saturday was even that big. I'm sure some people were taken by surprise that those sold out but it took 'm months to get that day to get sold out, wasn't like that day was selling out in a few days right? My guess is that combi's are 65/70% sold out, Thursday 99%, Friday 40% and Saturday 100% and with only a few weeks left there isn't so much time anymore to get all those combi's sold so the easiest solution is to put some extra in for the day tickets so that they get some money back. I agree with what's said above. The line up this year looks big especially with the alternative names on Thursday but let's be honest. These are probably the 3 (4 with The xx included) most cheap headliners in years. With Bear's Den, London Grammar and god knows what kind of sub is still missing, even the subs don't even look that attractive (or expensive at all). Bear's Den is huge in Belgium, but anywhere else they're just a small band. London Grammar is only onto their second LP and they already got that sub spot. Anyways, like I said in my last post. I hope that they think a little bit more before they act next year and have a general concept of how PKP is gonna look like as a cohesive festival.
  6. Pukkelpop 2017

    Nope, I bet it's gonna be some cheap act. Knowing Thursday is almost sold out, why pull a big act when the money is already in? The reason why they're releasing extra day tickets is because the combi tickets aren't selling that well (that's an understatement and it's the result of setting up every day targeted to a genre on the Main, Marquee and Club; indie/alt/rap, pop and rock/punk). I find it very cheap from them to get their money via that way, hopefully they'll change things up next year. (and realise they need more rock/alternative and less cheap DJs to fill in the spots; Booth & Castello).
  7. Pukkelpop 2017

    edited the clashfinder and I think the maximum of acts still to be added is 7 with most importantly are the Thursday sub, Friday main opener and Thursday Dancehall opener. The rest are probs gonna be DJs https:///s/pkp2017 I think it's very noticable that they clash 3 tents at exactly the same time, have DJs play longer sets and with not keeping the promise of a few months ago that bands would get longer settimes and that waiting in between would be shorter I think this is just an average PKP line up w/o The Shelter and Wablief and even more DJs/electronic acts and cheap acts .. I would've wanted to go for a day but exams are keeping me away + the price of €99 is a bit to much of what you're going to get (even the €200 for a combi is for this line up to high in my opinion..)
  8. Rock Werchter 2018

    QOTSA + Gorillaz - Metallica - Nick Cave + The National - Arctic Monkeys w/ Kasabian, Nine Inch Nails, The War On Drugs and The Killers as subs and Bon Iver, Lana Del Rey, Fleet Foxes and Elbow in the Barn. (but this is honestly so much wishful thinking.. puh) For Belgian acts I think we can espect Triggerfinger, Absynthe Minded, Millionaire and Stuff or something..
  9. NOS Alive! 2017

    Second time that I went to a festival in a foreign country (Lolla Berlin last year) and it was amazing. Entering the festival on the first day/evening took no longer than 20/30 mins, which for a major is fast. The security, staff and police were always very polite and helpful. The crowd was very cheery and uplifting. They always sing along and are ready to dance, the Portuguese know how to throw a party. Which brings me to two things that annoyed me; drugs and alcohol. I've no problem with both of them but during a few sets (The xx is particular were 3 people where dragged out of the crowd for passing out because of shitty drugs) people were just really shitty being drunk or on drugs doing stupid ass shit. Could've just been at the wrong place at the wrong time but I had several encouters like that and it's just lame. Also the fact that wherever you go as a young guy or with a group in the city that you get offered drugs around every corner of the street or so.. The festival was sold out and I defenitly felt it, on Thursday in particular it just felt like there were people everywhere. It felt like there was no spot on the site where you sit and chill out for a second. The area around the mainstage and clubbing was impossible to get food from because of the amount of people waiting. On Thursday we waited like 25 mins to get a hotdog (whose were amazing btw) around the clubbing area but from then on we always went to get our food at the Heineken area because it was less crowded, bit of a shame that you have to wait so long, but lesson learned. The bridge you've to get on after leaving the festival is a pain in the ass but I don't think there's another option to get such a massive crowd to the other side of the railway tracks without using the small tunnel of the station itself (which I get is dangerous when having so much people going in it..) Going to and leaving the festival is very easy when using the train, tram or bus. (we used the train). When using a taxi, we always saw a long queue which I heard could take up to 1h of waiting whilst you had a train every 15" up till 3 and every 30" up till 5 or so.. The placing of the stages could've been better. If I wasn't going for a wee during Parov Stelar, I would've never found the Comedy stage since that path was so dark and barely used. When you going from main to Heineken we never even knew there was another path leading to Heineken, idk.. The use of cash instead of coupons was strange aswell because some foodtrucks just use it to get their prices up. In one foodtruck you could have a hotdog for €4 and in the other one for €6, could've been organised better I reckon? Since the festival was clearly sponsored by Heineken, and Im not much of a Heineken drinker myself, there were not really much other options to drink. At other festivals you'd always have cola or so, or some other soda's and here that wasn't the case. Or you'd have to drink water with a flavour or cider with no alcohol (idk what that was exactly). Normally during festivals, I really like (as many probably) to get up close and get front row. Now, I just could'nt because of the loudness of the music. There was no concert where I felt that the music wasn't to loud. Some acts really sounded shrill at some points which had our group always staying around in the middle of the Heineken and never really in the first section of the mainstage. Then you'd ask, why not use earplugs? I could and I woul've if they were available but I don't think they were. I'm not really a person that would easily use them but now I would've used them if they were there but I'm sure they weren't. I mean during Bonobo's set there was soundbleed from the mainstage and there was a stage in between, how is that possible that the music is that loud? As I said before, the Portuguese crowd knows how to throw a party and helped to have much better experiences during sets. For the price and combined with a lil city trip to Lisbon, I think this festival is perfect. It has it flaws but I think the organisation did a good job managing it all (although there were to many people there in my opinion.) I'll keep my eye on NOS again next year but I think we/I'm gonna try a new foreign festival next year with a lil city trip combined with it Highlights of the performances, top 10. (out of 18) 1. Foo Fighters (*****) 2. Alt-J (**** 1/2) 3. Depeche Mode (**** 1/2) 4. The Avalanches (**** 1/2) 5. Bonobo (**** 1/2) 6. Warpaint (****) 7. Cage The Elephant (****) 8. The xx (*** 1/2) 9. Savages (*** 1/2) 10. Glass Animals (*** 1/2)
  10. NOS Alive! 2017

    I made that. Some people helped aswell with edits or so and it's based on the schedule of last year most of the time. And based upon last year's schedule there need to be a few bands added I think, no? The Heineken stage has only Parov Stelar and Warpaint on 7/7 whilst Ryan Adams, Bonobo and Royal Blood are there on Friday. It just feels a little bit empty. I also don't think they'd have Depeche Mode as a closer (although they're a very dancey act) so I assume they got a dance closing act up on their sleeve. With only 10 days left, idk if we still can expect such things but come on. That Saturday at Heineken looks a little bit empty doesn't it, compared to the other two days? Feel free to help, suggest and edit the clashfinder tho when you think something's missing or should be changed Last thing, I saw someone say on their Fb asking them why they don't add the last names because some bands have already confirmed playing and dropped the name La Femme in between. But idk if that's tru or not.. Just saw it in one of their posts
  11. NOS Alive! 2017

    Festival goes from 5pm till 4 am I think so yes enough time to explore a bit of the city or go to the beach etc
  12. Pukkelpop 2017

    They've been saying that their tickets are selling fast since March (kind of around the period RW was selling out) I was thinking Thursday would be the first one but having a punk/rock almost everywhere on the Saturday, well yeah.. PKP should take notes from this and get the Shelter back next year (or atleast book more rock acts)..
  13. Pukkelpop 2017

    They'll probably announce it right before or right after Rock Werchter. They did that last year too. I'm also wondering what replacement they're gonna get. I saw a tweet answering someone on the 5th of June that they got a replacement sooooo
  14. Rock Werchter 2017

    Haha yeah, I got them a while ago. Paid a lot more than the original price, but oh well. S'all good now. Was just a reminder to the people searching for tix because I saw a few on here looking a while ago.
  15. Rock Werchter 2017

    I was on the waiting list v fast, idk if it's for everyone the same or anything but extra tickets came free so check your mails and if you still need one or so you'd get one