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  1. CV Tickets

    Thanks for that, I was going to use his reg No and postcode and mine to buy separate tickets because we will be arriving at different times.
  2. CV Tickets

    Apologies if this has been asked a lot before, can I purchase two camper van tickets, one for myself and one for a work mate who can't get to a computer at sale time? Can I do this on the same transaction or will I need to retry after I have got mine? Dean
  3. Day trip for daughter

    Cheers, I am looking forward to taking her. It will be good to see all the bits I don't normally. It will be strange seeing the place straight, I have been a lot of times but can't seem to remember that much.
  4. Day trip for daughter

    Thanks, she is super excited and I hope I haven;t got it wrong that under 12's get in free.
  5. Day trip for daughter

    Well done to everyone who got tickets and commiserations to those that didn't. My group have managed to get tickets this year after a few failures but I am after some advice. I would like my 11 year old daughter to do one day at the festival (Saturday,so she will not miss school,SAT year). I live about 40 miles away and my mother has agreed to drop her off and pick up whatever the times, I am sure she will like to see a headliner so it will be quite late. Any ideas about where is the best place to get her dropped off and picked up again. I haven't been for a few years and I am sure things have changed a bit. Dean