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    Being angry at line ups
  1. Lineup 2018

    Thursday 8am, around £75
  2. Lineup 2018

    Someone said Friday - Fall Out Boy and Travis Scott Saturday - Kendrick and Panic! at the Disco Sunday - Kings of Leon and Courteeners
  3. Can someone please give me a brief run down of this 2 stage idea? Where did this info come from? What is the likely hood of it?
  4. Leeds Festival Showers

    Did anyone use the showers in the village this year? I've never used them but I'm thinking about it next year. I'd like to know what they're like, are the all open or private? Are they free? And do you need to provide shampoo and shower gel etc
  5. Do you have your tickets yet

    It's just arrived now!
  6. Do you have your tickets yet

    Bought it early on and paid using the instalment plan
  7. Do you have your tickets yet

    Haven't received mine yet
  8. Can't take in beer with day ticket?

    Under "BANNED ITEMS", "b) Day ticket holders may not bring - Alcohol, Cans, dispoable BBQs etc..."
  9. Can't take in beer with day ticket?

    On the terms and conditions on the back
  10. Can't take in beer with day ticket?

    Yeah my thinking is that it says on the ticket that only weekenders are allowed in the camp sites, so the logic is day holders won't have anywhere to drink any alcohol. I've given my beer to a mate who is camping anyway now so im sorted. Do you think they would stop a day holder taking in a pillow and sleeping mat?
  11. I just received my Sunday day ticket, and on the back it says day ticket holders are not permitted to bring in alcohol? Will this be enforced? Never heard such a strange rule