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  1. Put it on ticketswap and it will be sold in a few seconds
  2. Buy them in advance, it's cheaper.
  3. + 10-15 min walk
  4. Just take some bottle caps with you in your pockets so you can keep a bottle and fill it up with the free water! Actually, last year they left the cap on, free water forever!
  5. Updates on 'The Slope': The new picture confirms it will be in the area with all the picnic tables (with view on the 2 tents). I also read a small article about it in the newspaper. The slope will actually consist of 2 seperate slopes where you can just relax and eat something. They will be connected with some sort of bridge which you can't walk on but it will create some shade underneath. I always thought there wasn't enough shade on the Werchter site so I'm happy with this
  6. Doesn't matter when you arrive, with your combi ticket you can enter all days
  7. Not too many hidden gems for me personally. For some of the foreigners coming to RW who don't know the Belgian bands, definitely check them out! Tout Va Bien, Coely, Vuurwerk, Warhaus, Oscar & The Wolf, J. Bernardt and Soulwax are definitely worth a listen in my opinion
  8. - They never made a problem about cans in the past years. But yeah, maybe it's not allowed anymore, you can always try I guess? - Your train journey can consist of multiple trains, just don't go travelling all over the country haha. Charleroi - Brussels - Leuven should be your route. - Usually the campsite opens a little earlier than 16:00 so it might be smart to take the shuttle bus around 14:00. By the time you'll get at The Hive, you probably won't have to wait a lot longer anymore. If you still have too much time in Leuven, you can visit the city centre, it's is a nice place to have your first beers
  9. People are saying it will be in the area of The Barn and Klub C. Maybe just a nice place to sit, eat something and watch the big screen outside the tents?
  10. You can put Brussels Zaventem Airport on the free train ticket, no need to travel to another train station in Brussels. Also, you can buy tickets for the diabolo fee online, but I'm almost sure you can also just pay it at the airport.
  11. Just put Brussels Central on the train ticket and it won't be a problem I think. If you're going back, just be sure to take a train that stops at Zaventem airport because not every train to Brussels stops there. You will also have to pay the Diabolo fee if you want to stop at the airport. Most of them do. There is also a train Leuven-Mechelen-Ghent so don't take those if you want to pass Brussels. If people still need help regarding trains, you can always send me a pm.
  12. A few days ago (before the RaR thing happened), it was announced in the newspapers that the safety zone around RW will be doubled. They will also be testing a new system where everyone in this zone will get a message through their phone if the site needs to be evacuated. This new thing + the security from last year is the best they can do in my opinion. I'm sure they're prepared the best as possible. So let's all just enjoy the festival without any worries, 26 days to go!!!
  13. Next wednesday
  14. As said, last year was really unusual with also a lot of rainfall in the weeks before the festival so wellies were definitely necessary. In normal years, decent shoes should be enough though. Last year was rainy, but in 2015 it was scorching hot without rain, the weather in Belgium is very unpredictable haha. Some of us Belgians will keep you updated on the forecasts for sure, but it's still a little too soon for that.
  15. Buying in advance is your cheapest option: