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  1. 2017

    I could hear it last night, and I'm 6 miles away. Have always been able to if the wind is blowing in the right direction though, so nothing new there. The security was pretty poor this year for the local area; I always get dropped off at the top of a closed road that normally has security at both ends, this year although there were cones and a road closed sign there was only security at the A5 end, I know quite a few people who drove down it to drop people off, which must have annoyed the residents. As for the lack of security on the queues and at the toilets; it was very obvious this is where they cut costs.
  2. 2017

    I only went Saturday but no.
  3. 2017

    The V Street stage was that small you had to be right next to it to realise it was there.
  4. 2017

    Forecast looks great after today. I'm 5 miles away and it's normally pretty accurate.
  5. 2017

    Doesn't the email about earlybird tickets normally come out the week before?
  6. 2017

    I go and watch Man United every week, we have been told we can now take a bag no bigger than 20cm into the ground. They have a template to check that the bag doesn't go above the dimensions; and I'm expecting V to do the same. Off to Sports Direct I go tonight armed with an A4 sheet!
  7. 2017

    Supervene seems to be real according to the map. I hope it's not too much to do with the dictionary definition...
  8. 2017

    Interesting they've lost a potential income stream doing that; it's been a long time since they have given them out free
  9. 2017

    Anyone noticed that bags over a4 size aren't permitted in the arena? Given it's so specific then I would imagine they are going to have a size template or something. Finding one that small will be very difficult.

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