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  1. Overheard funnies

    Walking down the old railway on Friday night there was a group of girls behind us and one says to her mates "did you know that it's a fact that the welsh accent is 90% Indian?" Me and my friend had different reactions, while I was pissing myself laughing he felt compelled to turn around and ask her where the fuck she'd heard that.
  2. Next Announcement 2017 Thread

  3. Next Announcement 2017 Thread

    I've got the intro to LCD's "Us vs Them" on repeat until this thing drops "The time has come, the time has come, the time has come today..."
  4. Next Announcement 2017 Thread

    My first post after a long hiatus had to be something near and dear to me
  5. Next Announcement 2017 Thread

    This thread honestly has some of the best used Simpsons content that I have ever seen. I like you all.
  6. 2016 New Music Thread

    That new Childish Gambino track is outrageously good! Sounds heavily influenced by Prince.
  7. Arcade Fire

    How are you all even managing to even rank AF's albums in order? Am I the only one who views this as an impossible task? The order of all 4 constantly changes for me.
  8. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    They'll save that for a secret set on sonic and weird out all the silver hayes usuals
  9. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    1. Let Down 2. Karma Police 3. Paranoid Android In order of essentiality for me. But yes, these are absolutely the 3 from OK if that's what we're limited to.
  10. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    The singalong factor alone of Paranoid Android makes it a must for the Glasto set. Wouldn't be too disappointed if it was omitted from the Manc set I have a ticket for though.
  11. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Yeah I got standing on Eventim
  12. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Fuuuuuck! Spent the past few days held up with work and only just saw the news regarding standing tickets for the manc shows! Anybody know for sure whether any will go on sale anywhere tomorrow morning or not? EDIT: Just got this response from Eventim "Until the show goes on sale tomorrow there is no definite, however at the moment our system is advising us that there should be standing tomorrow. This will be a named event so please be careful when you make the booking."
  13. Headliner predictions 2017

    Been away from the forums for a couple of days and thought and check in to see how things are going... Edit: I obviously don't know how to attach an effing gif! Edit: Sorted
  14. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    If Radiohead are booked I don't see them being announced until the lineup announcement in Spring. That's when the festival will want to announce them. Can't see them being in any rush to officially announce any earlier and going against the festival's wishes.
  15. 2017 Wish Lists

    All ones that I think have at least some possibility of being there: Radiohead Bjork David Byrne Kendrick Lamar Sia M.I.A. Jamiroquai BANKS Childish Gambino SBTRKT Chance The Rapper Bon Iver