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  1. Green Man Festival 2018

    I'm hoping they can convince The Hold Steady to play.
  2. Green Man Festival 2018

    Great, itching to know who will be playing!
  3. Green Man Festival 2018

    Solid, think it's not going to have a wow factor as much as this year; a 16th Birthday Party doesn't have the same ring... Yeah Yeah Yeahs to play?
  4. Green Man Festival 2018

    Yeah it's probably wishful thinking... Caribou or LCD Soundsystem for the Friday would be great. I'd be a bit gutted if TMOE headlined, find him quite dull live.
  5. Green Man Festival 2018

    Got mine too. I'm predicting either The War on Drugs or The National to headline.
  6. Green Man Festival 2017

    Top 6 for me were: 1. PJ Harvey. Then in no particular order Kate Tempest, Sleaford Mods, DD Dumbo, Sunflower Bean and WH Lung who were brilliant and hopefully will transmit their live shows to a great debut record.
  7. Green Man Festival 2017

    Julia Jacklin vs Sunflower Bean and Oh Sees vs Ryan Adams are the big ones for me. Shame I won't see all of Karl Blau as well but DD Dumbo is one of must sees this weekend.
  8. Green Man Festival 2017

    You could try Scarlet Mist for GM tickets as well.
  9. Green Man Festival 2017

    They usually start midday-12:30 onwards.
  10. Green Man Festival 2017

    Usually when the settlers arrive and they take a photo of the lineup and timings from the programme.
  11. Green Man Festival 2017

    I thought it was too good to be true... Yeah I know it's not 100% accurate but it's a base to work from! I've seen Oh Sees a couple of times recently so they will have to be sacrificed unfortunately if any clash arises.
  12. Green Man Festival 2017

    https:///s/gm2017/?user=0bc51c.sp& This is how I see my weekend panning out. Don't think I've missed anyone too important but open to persuasion...
  13. Green Man Festival 2017

    @presentlytense - Apologies it took a while but I've listened to the podcast and found it interesting and good to listen too. Have to agree with the consensus that JJ is the best album reviewed. Is there another podcast due soon?
  14. Green Man Festival 2017

    Thanks. I'm using this as tagline to now convince her as told to me by a music journalist!
  15. Green Man Festival 2017

    Pumarosa were really good live when I saw them at Visions last year; I'm a bit gutted of the clash with Kate Tempest but as I've never seen her she wins. My wife isn't very happy about this though...