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  1. #Lighthouse2019

    We could be lifted, from the shadows, we could be lifted Lifted up to new horizons
  2. Rate Your Festivals

    2005 2003 2004 2017 2015 2016 2007
  3. #Lighthouse2019

    "When you're close to tears remember..." shivers down the spine
  4. #Lighthouse2019

  5. Campervans! When did you arrive and where were you put?

    Arrived about 7pm on the Tues and were told to park in E16.. ignored them and carried on driving. Found an awesome spot in E18.
  6. Glastonbury Tea Towel

    Cracking tea towel that, no doubt!
  7. Your Glastonbury Song 2017

  8. Glastonbury 2017 Awards

    Best Act: Radiohead Best Song: Weird Fishes Best Discovery: Ryley Walker Most Frequented Stage: West Holts
  9. Ryley Walker @ Crow's Nest

    This was one of those right place, right time moments for me this year. We took the short trek up the hill and sat outside the Crow's Nest just as the sun came out. The band were setting up so we wondered in and plonked our backs down against the cafe bit.. then the band hit the stage. We had 25 odd minutes of awesome post rock improv and it was just sublime. Those guys have a real talent and it felt great to be able to listen to it whilst watching out over the festival on a sunny Sunday. Was anyone else there?
  10. Overheard funnies

    Random Passerby: "Doing your weekly shop mate?" Drunk dude in a shop with loads of stuff: "Do what?" Random Passerby: "Doing your weekly shop?" Drunk dude: "Do I want a wee and a shot?"
  11. Top 5 Acts

    1. Radiohead 2. Kate Tempest 3. Beans on Toast 4. Ryley Walker's 30 minute jam in the Crows Nest 5. Foo Fighters Honourable Mentions: The XX, King Gizz, The Moonlandingz Watching Flaming Lips on iPlayer right now. Why oh why did that have to clash with Radiohead?
  12. Best act you've seen on...

    Pyramid - Radiohead 2003 Other - Bright Eyes 2007 West Holts - Rodrigo y Gabriela 2009 Acoustic - Bootleg Beatles 2007 John Peel - Lianne La Havas 2015 The Park - Jon Hopkins 2015 Dance Tent - Pendulum 2007 The Glade - Squarepusher 2003 Leftfield - Pete Doherty 2005
  13. The Glastonbury 2017 Hurt/Heal Headliner Game

    Justice - 8Phoenix - 10 The Flaming Lips - 9 (-5)Hothouse Flowers - 13Dreadzone - 10
  14. Weather 2017

    EVERY post? That must be exhausting! haha

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