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  1. Apple Music Festival 2017

    Sad it's over, I was lucky to win entry to some great gigs over the years.
  2. LCD Soundsystem....

    Blown away by this, definitely exceeded my expectations. Gutted I can't make the gigs.
  3. Kendrick Lamar

    Ugh I want to see Kendrick more than any artist touring at the moment. But not sure I could justify circa £100 on any single gig - for a couple of hours max in the fucking O2. Even for Kenny. Hope it's not that much, but can definitely see it happening.
  4. Chester Bennington

    So so sad. They were a big part of my teenage years. And 'Leave out all the rest' got me through some tough times. I don't have a connection with another song like I do that one. Such an awful way to go too. RIP Chester.
  5. Frank Ocean

    I was surrounded by a lot of people off their faces wanting a dance. I don't know what they were expecting, but I think all the other stages had finished so they had no choice but to see Frank. Some of them were filming the video screens not even realising he was performing on a podium in the middle of the crowd. Was quite funny when they clocked on 3/4 way through the set. I enjoyed parts of it, but other parts were a mess. And 30 mins late takes the piss - I was expecting that to happen after reading about other festivals, but that just makes it worse - he must be doing it on purpose. He'd be better suited to playing smaller venues with an absurdly high ticket price to suit his ego - he'd still fill it with his devotees. (The queues for £50 Blonded t-shirts at Lovebox were huge)
  6. Lovebox 2017

    Heading down to this today, looking forward to it. Excited to see Kaytranada, and Jamie xx never disappoints. Might try and catch a bit of Solange too. I've lowered my expectations for Frank, hope he's not a total let down.

    Finally got round to watching this back. Even better than I remember, absolutely incredible!
  8. The XX

    Loved when Romy did Performance. I'd never really appreciated that track fully until then. Also loved that Oliver sat on stage beaming with pride watching her do it.
  9. The XX

    Haha fair point!
  10. The XX

    The only set this year I have acquired as a download for future viewings. Like Jamie's 2015 set it well probably become perfect after party background music. Look forward to them headlining one day.
  11. Glastocam!

    Worthy View is officially the most messy part of the site at this point. Amazing that it's returned to (almost) normal so quickly! Definitely keen to make a visit next summer, to explore the land outside of festival time.
  12. Glastonbury 2017 Awards

    Best Act: The xx Best Song: Mr Brightside Best Discovery: Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Most Frequented Stage: John Peel
  13. Places you never made it to

    Rabbit Hole, Cineramagedon, The Common ()
  14. 2018 Festival - Glastonbury replacement

    Just spent some time looking at the options for European festivals combined with a holiday for 2018. So much choice, it's helping my Glasto blues. Does anyone know if any of the major ones sell out quickly? (Prima, NOS, Sziget etc)
  15. The XX

    NAILED IT. Future headliners for sure, once they have a few more tracks to pull off a 2hr set. Watched it back yesterday and all the feelings came back. And seeing it mean so much to them adds so much to the experience. They're such a tight band. Felt so good when On Hold kicked in to the final chorus, I danced my ass off.