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  1. Guess the colours of the 2017 wristband

    Do oxfam get their own wristbands now? I thought they had lanyards
  2. Guess the colours of the 2017 wristband

    Nah shouldn't make a difference in my opinion. Nobody would have the means to copy one of these, and even if they did why bother? Any attack would hit the headlines whether inside the festival or just outside the gate. Plus production wristbands aren't good for site entry without a ticket. Sorry, don't mean to sound insensitive or want to offend anyone!
  3. Guess the colours of the 2017 wristband

    Do they have fish on? Think I might be a bit disappointed if not
  4. Guess the colours of the 2017 wristband

    Oh my gosh yeah! I hadn't clocked that!
  5. Guess the colours of the 2017 wristband

    Haven't seen the punter ones yet, but there seems to be a bit of a sea theme. This is mine with a nice stingray on :') Markets are red/shiny red stripes. Staff are blue/silver stripes. EPO/vehicle gates are flourescent orange with an octopus on.
  6. EE Garden

    Do any of you lovely people know where the EE Garden is situated on the festival site?
  7. Green Man Festival 2016

    Does anyone know of any work going for the festival this year? I'm 17 which limits it slightly! Thanks
  8. Drink Spiking

    I completely get your position and accept a very large amount of the responsibility! The only reason I thought it was ok was because he'd just leant me a couple of quid for late night spring rolls. Still not an excuse and I shouldn't have done it and at least 50% of the blame is my own. Would it really have been rohypnol? He just walked off after leading me to think it was something else? I dunno
  9. Drink Spiking

    I know most of you guys will have absolutely no idea what, but it was scary and any indication would be nice.
  10. Drink Spiking

    Hi All, This year on sunday night in shangri la, some guy offered me a sip from his tartan hip flask. Shouldn't have taken it, but I did. After that the night is hazy, but I remember everything throbbing and spinning. I reckon he'd given me something else cos it didn't feel the same as being drunk and I hadn't had that much anyway Any ideas what it was or who would have done something like this? Thanks
  11. Hidden Glastonbury

    There is indeed! I will be bringing some this year!
  12. Hidden Glastonbury

    Are you serious about this? I've always left due to the queue being too long
  13. Site photos - possible spoilers

    It's definitely on top of the other stage
  14. Site photos - possible spoilers

    That would make loads of sense! Thanks
  15. Site photos - possible spoilers

    It's different. There's the blue wizard hat like thing and the silver bulbs protruding from the top. Emily Eavis definitely said in an interview that it was a Lemmy tribute