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  1. Your favourite bar at Glastonbury?

    After this year I'll have to say the craft beer bar serving Brooklyn range (and others). Pretty average bar other than the drinks on offer but the selection was a step up on the rest of the festival. Nice seating outside also.
  2. Jain!!!

    Hopefully she'll be back on the farm 2019. Missed her this year

    Can't stop thinking about this set. Pretty much perfect and the highlight of the weekend. Special mention to Moderat warming us up nicely beforehand
  4. Electronica/Dance

    http://glastonburystewards.co.uk/wp/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Block9-Venue-Info.pdf Not sure where I found this but apparently the whole NYCD holds 1246, with the main room holding 540.
  5. Electronica/Dance

    You can - but there was still a queue for the queue by-pass lass year (Sat night c. 3AM).
  6. How much liquid are you taking?

    Plenty of 24 hour supermarkets in Bristol. One between the airport and Bristol City Centre - search for Asda Bedminster
  7. Cineramageddon

    I would check again on a desktop rather than phone - it works fine for me.
  8. Reggae at Glastonbury

    Fantastic stuff
  9. Greenpeace Showers

    Women's were quicker than mens on both occasions I had them last year. My girlfriend and I got tickets same time - I was waiting longer...
  10. Electronica/Dance

    Look's like we're getting later finishes than previous years. Gastower and Clash in Shangri-La on until 6AM on Thursday and Sunday. That's later than previous years isn't it?
  11. Electronica/Dance

    His set last year was great but I reckon it might be a little too early in the night this time.
  12. Electronica/Dance

    Just spotted the Futureboogie night in the Rocket Lounge on Saturday night. Could be worth swinging by for an hour or two - always a good party.
  13. Electronica/Dance

    Popof in the Temple was a surprise - I missed him on the Common poster at least. Not really my cup of tea but wouldn't complain if I ended up seeing him.
  14. Electronica/Dance

    First year was last year I believe.
  15. Breakfast recommendations

    The Greenpeace café was decent last year and served the best coffee I tried on site...also another little place to the left of greenpeace as you're coming up from West Holts