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  1. Questions for the Emily Eavis?

    The Guardian are doing a question and answer with her. Need to be quick though, finishes at 12:30 ... https://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/2017/jan/20/post-your-glastonbury-questions-for-michael-and-emily-eavis
  2. GlastoMap - new version

    It was sunny for The Last Shadow Puppets so that would fit.
  3. GlastoMap - new version

    This wasn't taken on Friday. Our tent gave up the ghost on Friday night and we took it down on Saturday morning and returned it to the car. You can see the space where our tent was https://goo.gl/42rF2B so it must be some point on Saturday (we took the tent next to it down on Sunday morning)
  4. new here? introduce yourself

    Obviously I blame the wife....
  5. new here? introduce yourself

    HI Guys I'm Dave. This year will be my 5th Glastonbury although I haven't been since 2010 due to getting married (on the Glasto weekend 2013. Shame on me!) and having two children. I have recently found this forum (shame on me again) and am completely hooked so I though I would say hello