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  1. Top 5 Acts

    1. Moderat 2. Future Islands 3. Birdy 4. Justice 5. Sasha & Digweed
  2. Silent Disco

    The one in the park runs everynight
  3. Train Ticket for sale

  4. Train Ticket for sale

    I'll totally take offer on this. its going to go to waste otherwise
  5. Lift offer Thursday AM

    Thanks. space now gone.
  6. I did exactly this last year and all was good and easy
  7. Lift offer Thursday AM

    Hi, I'm driving down, on my own, early Thursday Morning (hoping for 7am depart) and therefore have 1 or 2 spare seats going. SE London based (Brockley) but could pick up from another local station along the South Circular up to Clapham South. I'm heading into the Love Fields therefore you'll be entering into Gate C and be parked nice and close to the gate. Justin
  8. Train Ticket for sale

    Hi, I have a train tickets already bought from London to Castle Cary on Thursday (it can be used on any train). I paid £55 for it but now have a lift. Does anyone want to buy it?
  9. Beers

    No problems with it last year. Managed to pick a couple up for £11 each in Tesco. A steal
  10. Beers

    Right now (not sure when this changed from the old Tuborg you mention), Carlsberg and Tuborg are exactly the same beers (as confirmed by the channel manager I know). Carlsberg use it for festivals as they view Carlsberg as a more premium product and insist on higher standards (such as it must be served at a certain temperature etc), hence branding it tuborg at festivals etc.
  11. Beers

    Adnams Ghost Ship was by far the best warm beer for me last year. Also comes in those mini kegs
  12. Allowed to park Worthy Carpark if not staying

    I think the reason someone would do this is that the Pennard gate is very quiet, and in theory you could just run down the hill on Weds AM and get yourself straight into to Pennards Hill camp ground. Grab yourself a good spot. I don't think you need a wrist band to use the gate, you only need the wrist bands to get the pass out wrist band. You can do the normal ticket out method at this gate? In answer to the question - you need someone who has a WV pitch to buy the ticket, but having stayed there, and having seen the logistics of how the gate works, I cant see why there is nothing stopping you getting hold of a car park ticket, and then making your way around and down the lane straight to the gate....
  13. Plan to avoid traffic chaos if it is a wet one

    I don't know how I managed it, but last year I drove down at Wednesday lunchtime from London. I swear I saw very few cars and was in the (WV) carpark in less that 3 hours from London. I then heard about this nightmare traffic, totally confused by it. It could have been that I followed my satnav, but I didn't see any signs telling me to go another way either? Really odd, but amazing.
  14. Tickets Despatched!!!!! glast-GOOOOO!

    Aaaa ...So the WV tickets definitely come separately? I also bought a car park pass for WV (even though I have a coach ticket) do you know if these are sent in advance?

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