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  1. Saw Noel Gallagher's Doppelganger in Williams Green yesterday.
  2. Place was bloody rammed couldn't get near it and gave up on seeing the Smyths in the end
  3. Yep, and I never even knew that path existed until last night. Is that new for this year?
  4. Security for me last night at PGA was a piece of piss. Pat down of bag and that was it, didn't even look at trolley.
  5. Weather at the moment is perfect, cool with a nice breeze up here in Darble
  6. I'm still at home indoors and it's bloody boiling, can't imagine what it's like on the farm. Let's be honest though, rather it like this than last year's mess that we arrived to. My plan of going a bit later today is paying off, feel sorry for the folk queueing in this weather.
  7. The queue is vastly smaller on the webcam at PGA than it was earlier. I'll be there for about 8pm so should be a breeze by then.
  8. Oh the site of lovely green grass. Hope you are enjoying your nice cold pint.
  9. Damn you Bonedaddy, I was going to start this thread once on site. Great minds think alike.
  10. If mine gets confiscated I'll I'll find the fucker that confiscated it on Sunday before I leave and rub his face in my armpit. See what he thinks of that.
  11. Don't think so, never seen one myself.
  12. Looking at the webcam there is plenty of space in Rivermead, Pylon, Darble, Bushy ground, Dairy ground, Paines ground. Basically everywhere except pennards and Oxylers.
  13. They are selling the linen bags on site for £4
  14. What on earth is a shit table?
  15. I will have a drink for all those who have missed out, really feel for every single one of you today. Keep the chin up and try not to let it get to you (I know that's easier said than done).