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  1. "Really big secret"

    Sad news indeed
  2. What to do in an off year?

    I think I'm going to hit Goodwood festival of speed as well as perhaps a European festival.
  3. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Just the soundtrack. This is a masterpiece. Earphones on, max volume required. And how it was made, interesting watch
  4. 30k more tickets for Glastonbury in future?

    That was horrendous but to be honest it was created mostly by people sitting on chairs or groups of people sitting/lying on the grass. Fucks me off more than anything that does. I get that some people need a chair due to age/back problems etc but the vast majority of chair sitters and lying on the grounders were young and perfectly fit people. How anyone can remain lying on the ground whilst people trample past is beyond me
  5. Lack of T Day nerves / excitement

    I'm going to the farm last weekend of June to do exactly that! I bet there are hundreds of people there. Maybe Emily will come down and give us all tickets for being so hardcore.
  6. Acts you don't "get"

    Honestly, the Beatles and Michael Jackson are two huge acts that I just don't get at all. I can appreciate their talent but their music doesn't do anything for me.
  7. Stall finding help

    That's it, thanks a lot!
  8. Stall finding help

    There was a stall on the same row selling wooden sunglasses. Anyone happen to know who they were?
  9. Mr C telling a few porkies ??

    I'm not writing anyone off at all, just my opinion as a person of no political bias based on what I see posted. There has been a lot of political discussions recently around JC etc and the overwhelming theme is that only those who support him are entitled to an opinion and anyone who begs to differ is met with a barrage of opponents and in some cases it gets quite personal. I don't disagree with the opinion that this thread had some sort of motive, but it should be called out as just that rather than saying that this forum is no place for political discussions, because clearly it has been over the last few weeks.
  10. Mr C telling a few porkies ??

    Well there is 27 pages of torie hating for a start
  11. Mr C telling a few porkies ??

    I'm in agreement to keep politics off the forum, but there is no consistency on here at times between what should and shouldn't be discussed.
  12. Mr C telling a few porkies ??

    Jesus this place. If this was a thread praising Corbyn for wiping out the countries debt people wouldn't be saying 'don't post this here', they would be salivating over it.
  13. Glasto 2017 from the eyes of a first timer

    Great read, welcome to the Glastonbury family. Google translate did a good job, apart from calling the Foo Fighters Fa-Pieters' Doleline
  14. For Emma

    Absolutely, really sad stories but as you say the festival means so much to so many.
  15. For Emma

    Is this the girl that Dave Grohl dedicated Everlong to?

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