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  1. Father John Misty

    I don’t but there are a fair few going on twickets! https://www.twickets.live/block/455575771158374,4
  2. Nick Cave

    Why have I never bothered with Nocturama!? I’ve had this on an infinite loop since this time Friday Fifteen minute dose of Cave delirium!
  3. Nick Cave

    Cheers mate! Was one of the most incredible performances I’ve ever seen Made up for missing out on the 23rd
  4. Nick Cave

    Totally agree about Magneto! I’ve been trying to find footage of it from London but have only managed to find this snippet.. https://instagram.com/p/BZt3Tefl96s/
  5. Nick Cave

    Definitely! Covered in goosebumps by the end of Jesus Alone. Absolutely loved Magneto as well, it’s morphed into something completely different from the album, but equally as good!
  6. Nick Cave

    Na, Nick went out to him and he sang a bit of PTSA
  7. Nick Cave

    Oh boy! One of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had! Pure emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. I can’t even single out anyone song, absolutely incredible stuff. He has a stage presence like nothing I have seen before..
  8. Nick Cave

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09661lc For anyone who missed it
  9. The National

    Alright mate, I have two and am planning to go at the minute, but we are moving in to a new place around this time so if plans change nearer the time I will PM details. Good luck finding some if I do end up going! (They are for the Saturday btw)
  10. Father John Misty

  11. Father John Misty

    There is a way to get tickets early for this, and it's pretty funny how Not sure if you have heard about it, I can PM to uthe details if not.
  12. Father John Misty

    Flaming heck, I haven't actually ever listened back to any of his Tillman albums, any worth checking out? Oh boy, you are in for a treat.. He is majorly on form this tour, bringing brass and strings along and everything. Not sure how keen you were on PC but the songs live are something else. Have a watch of this, if you are tight for time skip to Bored in the USA.
  13. Father John Misty

    Jeez, doesn't mess abit does he! I did hear a little while back that he had the whole album written but didn't think it would be along this quick Seeing him in Cardiff later on this year so hopefully could be treated to some new material. Also, this guy needs to headline a stage in 2019.. I have no idea why he wasn't headlining the JP this year.
  14. Arcade Fire

    Nailed it..
  15. Arcade Fire

    Same Odds always stacked, especially without a london PC. Fingers crossed they announce this tour soonish!