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  1. Arcade Fire

    Got tickets for the Thursday Wembley date, haven't ever seen them live other than the 2014 Glastonbury headliner set which, to my shame, is when I really discovered their brilliance. I'm most excited
  2. Your Glastonbury Song 2017

    No Reptiles - Everything Everything: When I found out they were playing I immediately wrote them off, given I presumed Williams Green would be a packed out sweat box. So glad my mate convinced me just to swing buy and see if we could slip in, was the moment I fully felt back home. North Star - Future Islands: Oh Christ the whole set was awesome, best of the weekend by far for me, just staring down my row of mates with glaring huge smiles on all our faces. To Love Somebody - Barry Gib: Dancing hand in hand with my girlfriend whilst I senrenated her (backing vocals provided by the gibster), was definitely one of my highlights of the weekend!
  3. Overheard funnies

    'The only thing I can think of is that it's a massive fucking hint that the secretary is going to be Real Big Fish' heard at the Other stage
  4. What made you smile ?

    Definitely loved sitting at the bandstand when a Theresa May ran placed shortly after chased by a gang of foxes, or when a whole crowd of people were just sat giggling at someone in an inflatable dinosaur costume chasing a little boy who was laughing his head off. Or just whilst rewatching the foo Fighters set I noticed in the crowd what appeared to be a dad with his arms around his son both perfectly singing along to there goes my hero ... shut up no you're crying!
  5. Glastonbury 2017 Awards

    Best Act: Future Islands Best Song: No Reptiles (Everything Everything) Best Discovery: Dr Meaker Most Frequented Stage: Pyramid
  6. Random hookups

    Haha agreed, although it was mainly me swooning over Craig David after only going to see him because it was the shortest walk from my tent, I had an awesome time! My lady soon recovered, but the after effects of the night before's over indulgence and no sleep took over her emotions for a while, thanks for the concern though, see was soon back to herself after soon tasty grub and a cup of tea
  7. Random hookups

    I saw @crazyfool1 twice, you were about five people in front of me for Hobo Jones but I left in a hurry due to a full bladder so couldn't say hello, I then believe I saw you stood on the right hand side of the right hand sound booth at the Pyramid pre Jeremy Corbyn but couldn't come say hi as I was exiting the crowd with my girlfriend who wasn't in a good way. I also saw @squirrelarmy who I recognised immediately from your wellies and hat, it was just in front of the two sound booths at the pyramid just before Foo Fighters, again I couldn't say hi as there was a group of girls sat on the floor blocking my way and I couldn't remember your efests name to shout.
  8. What made you cry at Glasto?

    You know to the right of the Pyramid stage as you exit the field there is a stall that sells like wedges and curly fries and stuff? Well whilst waiting in the que for my curly fries (i didn't get them, they had sold out), as a pre Ed Sheeran snack (I didn't want to see him but I was out of energy and I didn't want to be away from my GF) I bust into tears. Came from nowhere and I was laughing at the fact I couldn't stop crying. I can only assume the amount of substances I had taken caught up with me before I got home this year.
  9. Overheard funnies

    Coming out of Shangri La on Sunday morning about 4am all I caught was 'she was hot though, but you could tell from her face you wouldn't want to go inside her...'
  10. Glastocam!

  11. Glastocam!

    Anyone know what the multi-coloured rainbow tent is that has popped up in the park?
  12. Glastocam!

    There seems to be some crane action on there now, but it has been incredibly windy recently, so perhaps that was the delay?
  13. New security measures in place

    As others have said I will just pack my things with the expectation I will be having to quickly empty on to a table and then repack. I'll also think about a couple of extra beers and some snacks for the queue in case of delays, I'd still rather be stood queuing to get into Glastonbury than at work.
  14. The state of the ground.

    Can't say I blame you! Atleast the ground has time to recover, poor buggers working on the build though.
  15. The state of the ground.

    It's not quite Pilton but I can certainly confirm that here in Bristol the weather has been freaking horrid all day.