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  1. That new War on Drugs track is pure musical bliss to my ears, on the Joe Goddard album now
  2. Wandering around the site reasonably drunk with my girlfriend who will hopefully be in awe of everything as it's her first time:D
  3. I personally love the Brewdog beers, I know they are pricey but I think they are worth it. As I'm on the coach this year I think I will go with the approach of taking 3l Gin, 1l Rum and 16 of the stubby Brewdogs cans with the intent of buying the rest of my beer from the bars on site.
  4. Yeah I think I might just take about 12 of the stubby Brewdog cans to have as and when I need some flavour injections. I bought a lot of beer from the bars last year for the first time which was nice, however with the line up looking the best since I've been going for me, I might not have time for bar visits!
  5. Ahhh so good to see booze related threads appearing, shows we're started to get close now . I personally always take some Budweiser, I don't really drink it outside of the festival but I know that I can drink about 20 cans of the stuff in an evening and be okay, plus I can tolerate it warm. But as I'm currently swigging on a can on Brewdog Elvis Juice, I'm seriously considering taking some of Brewdogs wares this year, not sure how they would hold up warm though ...
  6. Hear Hear
  7. Been listening to Future Islands quite a lot, thought they were a no goer this year after the apparent Green Man exclusive, very chuffed they'll be in the farm. Also been having a think about fancy dress, definitely think left shark has to happen. For Miss P.
  8. Can always pull the 'no, but I'll help you find one as I need one too', but I'm not single myself so not of much concern to me st the moment
  9. Haha unfortunately not, although I hope I do this year, they sound like my perfect friends!
  10. Not so much what to pack but I never bother bringing a lighter, I find asking to borrow a light a good way to start up a convo with strangers if I'm in a small group/lost all my friends. Last year I bought a few cans of 'Ting' that saved my life on the Sunday morning so will be doing that again
  11. I keep anything important, e.g. ID, cash and goodies inside the clear pocket thing that comes with the guide in on entrance, I then wrap the strap through a belt loop so if it comes out of pocket it's still attached to me (lost my wallet in 2015 when plastered so this is my new approach). Other than that I have one of those cycling backpacks that are tiny and would get in no ones way in a crowd, if later in the day it holds the hydration pack filled with 3l of gin'n'tonic and about 3 beers, poncho, packet of tissues and sun cream etc, if earlier in the day the hydration pack is empty and inside I can fit about 6 or 7 cans in it :).
  12. 7pm now surely?
  13. No, saw it last week and it wasn't good, not good at all.
  14. Wait, Neil has 'tapped' his nose? How did I miss this!
  15. Had mine, also coach