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  1. Never been so excited about a road closure before!
  2. Hoping Jagwar Ma make another appearance, they are touring and doing a few other UK fests this summer, saw them at Outlines in Sheffield at the start of the month but due to over indulgence I have no memory of the set which is a real shame!
  3. I'd definitely go to bed if I wasn't having fun but I always have a ball between 1am - 7am, seeing as I get up by 10/11am I don't think I'm sacrificing anything for staying up those extra hours, just means breakfast can be enjoyed in front of the first band of the day.
  4. I would say I'm a good mix of both, usually at my first band by 12:30 each day, usually get to bed by 6:30/7 every morning
  5. I like how by Sunday most people have just gone crazy, you've been drunk and haven't showered for five days and have lost all inhibitions, I reckon if the headliners are decent, a Sunday crowd will always have a better atmosphere than a Friday. That being said I love Wednesday, but it's perked are transferable to Thursday ...
  6. Yeah two weeks from the 30th March, got quite the itinerary planned so really looking forward to it, I've heard a lot of talk of this Arrack that's made from fermented coconut so if it's as good as I've heard I can hopefully bring a bottle back for Glastonbury!
  7. That's a very good point! I have three train journeys whilst there, Colombo to Kandy. Kandy to Hattan and Galle to Colombo so plenty of time to meet some locals. Sitting up in the cab sounds amazing, but even if I don't manage to pull this off I bet the views from the normal carriages are just as spectacular!
  8. Primal Scream sealed the deal for me, just purchased tickets I went a few years ago when Basement Jaxx headlined and had a good time, had an absolutely brilliant time at Outlines a few weeks ago so hoping Tramlines will also be worth the train up from Bristol.
  9. I really hope we get it before the 30th, I'm off on me jollies and I would love to have a Glastonbury playlist to listen to whilst I whistle around on a Sri Lankan train!
  10. It was just awesome, those mirrors were brilliant, and I was dead centre in the crowd, when they lowered the 'mirror ceiling thing' it was cool that oyu could see what Jamie was up to haha, perfect start to a weekend.
  11. Went to their Cardiff gig on Friday, I wasn't expecting too much despite all the positive reviews on their other gigs on here as i wasn't sure how they would work live. I was blown over, it was awesome, loved every minute of it, it built from the first song to an incredible finish, when they play the farm, I'll be there regardless of positioning or stage!
  12. Out of those I attended, 2015 was the best weather i've had, happily have that again, I remember me and my mate stumbling out of a DJ set at the stonebridge bar on the Thursday afternoon into the blasting sunshine after having seen off a box of festival strength cider between us and both of us falling asleep under a tree. I also recall having a nap in the sunshine during George Ezra, I love a good festival nap as you're not fully asleep but the noise and constant bass soothes you into a daze.
  13. Just popped in to say, and apologies if this has already been mentioned, but First Aid Kit have a new track out - You are the Problem Here. That is all.
  14. As it looks like it will be streamed live over the internet surely most of the tickets should have gone to fans, but it is what it is I guess. Yeah, it's a Chvrches reference, Lauren Mayberry biggest fanboy right here!
  15. Yeah obviously music journalists are going to be there but it also just makes me wonder how much this is for 'fans' and how much it's just promo, I wonder how many tickets actually went to local fans vs press