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  1. Cheers
  2. Anyone know what the multi-coloured rainbow tent is that has popped up in the park?
  3. There seems to be some crane action on there now, but it has been incredibly windy recently, so perhaps that was the delay?
  4. As others have said I will just pack my things with the expectation I will be having to quickly empty on to a table and then repack. I'll also think about a couple of extra beers and some snacks for the queue in case of delays, I'd still rather be stood queuing to get into Glastonbury than at work.
  5. Can't say I blame you! Atleast the ground has time to recover, poor buggers working on the build though.
  6. It's not quite Pilton but I can certainly confirm that here in Bristol the weather has been freaking horrid all day.
  7. Punk, good choice!
  8. Doesn't chewing gum increase this? If your chewing away surely it sort of activates your jaw?
  9. Upgraded, to be honest to get rid of the ads, I should have done it sooner.
  10. I believe clashfinder is editable by the general public, and so the artist description doesn't really mean anything surely?
  11. Paid for my festival 'supplies' and took delivery of a new sleeping bag and battery pack
  12. There is a lorry arriving from the right with 'Block9' on the side, exciting times!
  13. After three weeks of trying and monitoring, I'm dropping out, I'm trying for friends who now don't believe it will happen, and I have a flight to catch, I'll check in on Tuesday and maybe rejoin if it still hasn't happened, maybe. Good luck, you all deserve tickets and I hope you get them. Have a great bank holiday weekend all!
  14. Fair play! I guess it's See's fault and not your friends but I think I would feel a bit guilty going without paying, would probably make a donation to WaterAid/Oxfam/Greenpeace after the festival or something.
  15. They would surely want to sort out all refunded tickets before they started printing, to prevent refunded tickets being printed, this would be risky as what would then happen to these? Taken and sold on by employees? Accidentally mailed to people who have received refunds?