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    Desperately seeking tickets for my 5th Glastonbury! 

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  1. Secret resales

    A bit like John Snoooo here! haha!!
  2. Secret resales

    My little girls first Glasto!... Truly a festival for all ages x
  3. Secret resales

    Slightly more positive vibes today...I love it! Today 3pm (ish) was my original prediction
  4. Secret resales

    Your ex sounds like a right 'Knob'. This WILL happen for you xx
  5. Secret resales

    its a she pee! or She wee??
  6. Secret resales

    That was my first festival... thought it was the norm then realised... it was Jay-Z
  7. Secret resales

  8. Secret resales

    What do you call a singing computer................
  9. Secret resales

    I Have a field!! only 6 acres though and you'd have to share with 2 horses... Not quite glast but could be fun!
  10. Secret resales

    I really want to be on the farm
  11. Secret resales

    #havewefoundapattern #thereisnopattern
  12. Secret resales

    last year there was no coach but its anyones guess really
  13. Secret resales

    Can everyone please give up hope quickly so the sale can happen!!
  14. Secret resales

    Seem to be hearing more stories of mates working at the festival being able to get people in this year…. Is it a sign of lots of spare tickets or a way of getting rid of the last few?? Great for those in the know but not so good for us mere mortals..
  15. Secret resales


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