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  1. Aha, what?! Wasn't me I promise. I agree with you tbh, kinda hate spending more than a few hours bouncing between those two stages.
  2. Ack, I hope you're right - don't wanna come across as some 'it's not like the good ol' days' curmudgeon, especially as I do enjoy a lot of the big poppier acts.
  3. Mixed feelings on whether or not they should book an act like Kendrick... On the one hand it would be a rare treat to see someone of his stature with a respectful Primavera audience. On the other, booking him could potentially see a further influx of the Radio One/Coachella crowd we have seen in recent years. Anyways, my 2018 wish list please and thank you: Bjork, Beck, Nick Cave, The National, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, St Vincent, George Clinton, Daniel Johnston, Sufjan Stevens, Cat Stevens, Dirty Projectors, Grizzly Bear, Danny Brown...
  4. Don't quite get what the production delays were? From watching videos it seems like a pretty simple set up... idk though, I guess that can mean anything.
  5. King Gizz, Run the Jewels, Flying Lotus and Chk Chk Chk were probably the most fun acts but I'm not sure my weekend ever recovered from the double bill of Arcade Fire and Solange on Thursday.
  6. I agree with the overall sentiment, this is a total bugger (Frank was pretty much my number one act) but it doesn't diminish from what is going to be an amazing festival weekend. I feel really sorry for the festival, it sounds like Frank and his team were messing them around until the last minute.
  7. Haha, that would be great! To be honest, I would not expect Primavera to make an 'official' announcement about Frank but it would be more like Gabi to post something on the forum just keeping everyone updated - did he not address Grandaddy's potential cancellation in a FB chat? Saying that, I am too excited about Frank to doubt that he is playing...
  8. Arcade Fire Tube certainly seems to think that AF are the most likely...
  9. What early set is this?!
  10. I thought about this, either doing a surprise solo piano set or even filling in for Frank if he cancelled. But he is doing a 1 800 Dinosaur DJ thing in Brooklyn on the Saturday so it's not that likely I reckon.
  11. Grandaddy are out, Arab Strap are in (unfortunate but completely understandable). Wonder if it will be a straight swap or if there will be some changing of times?
  12. Looks like we'll be doing pretty similar run of shows! Would like to catch that Let's Eat Grandma/Cigarettes After Sex show on Tuesday and also Romare on Wednesday but I'll have to see about group consensus. Thursday - Kevin Morby>This Is Not This Heat>Solange>Badbadnotgood>Death Grips>Aphex Twin (probably leave for King Gizz)>Tycho Friday - Whitney>Sinkane or Mitski>Mac DeMarco>Frank Ocean>the xx>RTJ>FlyLo>Priests (what a day!) Saturday - Weyes Blood>Junun or Pond>Van Morrison>Metronomy or Kelly Lee Owens>Grace Jones>Arcade Fire>Preoccupations>!!!>DJ Coco Big clashes are Jens Lekman vs Kevin Morby, Solange vs Broken Social Scene and Angel Olsen vs Van Morrison. In all cases I reckon I'll go with the act I haven't seen before.
  13. I think the Fufana - Berri Txarrak gap will just be because it would be unfair to have anyone play whilst Swans are on the stage next to them. Reckon the Unexpected Primavera will be the 3 x Firestone stage, 1 x mystery Hidden Stage, 1 x mystery Ray Ban slot and then one other - maybe a surprise Tuesday slot a la LCD Soundsystem last year? Surprise Aphex slot somewhere in town please thanks.
  14. Ace! Missed that Gabi said they'd be playing new stuff. Kinda hope they release a potential single at least a week before... To be honest it totally depends on what you're looking to get from a festival, Primavera doesn't have much else going on apart from the music (which I think is a massive positive) so maybe not as many chances to socialise with others if you don't wanna hang with your ex & co. Although having said that people are pretty friendly and the new beach club stage may offer a bit more opportunity for making new friends. If you just wanna go for great music then yes definitely. Even if you don't know everyone on the line up, you will discover stuff.
  15. Yeah the Arcade Fire thing is pretty baffling, doesn't look like they are going to release anything. At this point I just want a greatest hits set and then maybe one or two new ones. Would be pretty cool to be the first people to hear new stuff.