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  1. Reusable pint glasses

    A reckon a can unopened would have more damage and they haven't stopped them.
  2. Secret resales

    Mates go every year. Say it's brilliant. Great feel to it. Said mates go every year as above and they said the last year just seemed to have the emphasis to openly get wrecked most days without the thought of kids being around etc. Few friends have said WickerMan in Scotland is very good. Have a friend who djs there most years and loves it.
  3. Secret resales

    If the see tickets checker says they now have the tickets and awaiting dispatch would that mean that all tickets are sold and no resale?
  4. Secret resales

    I know someone whose won with the guardian last week.
  5. Secret resales

    edited i thought i read it as campervan had a very long night shift and still in work now
  6. Secret resales

    ignore me
  7. Secret resales

    CAMPERVANS ARE ON SALE Glade saying coach tickets on sale via twitter
  8. Secret resales

    Sold out now though if they did.
  9. Secret resales

  10. Secret resales

    yeah won't let you buy them as well
  11. Secret resales

  12. Secret resales

    no i didn't and that works.
  13. Secret resales

    TIPI sold out
  14. new here? introduce yourself

    Ha ha cheers.
  15. new here? introduce yourself

    Hi. Visited the site a bit but thought i would get involved. Been Glastonbury a few times over the years.

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